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Motionless. Imagine that you are motionless.

You see life as it passes by.
Do you agonize, blame, regret being motionless.
Or do you enjoy the things you are able to enjoy?

Usually, we stop enjoying life the minute we turn our attention from it. To our thoughts or someone else’s life. Thinking about what we don’t have in our life. What others have and we don’t.

We make ourselves motionless. By noticing what is missing.
Well, guess what, “missing” has won, a long time ago.
Missing has won even before you were born.
Every time you feel that you are missing something in life.
It feels bad. Because missing has won. And you lost at that moment.
But what do you do when you lose?

Well, you have options.
One of them is to notice what is missing and get stuck on it.
Some will notice what they’re missing for the rest of their lives and will suffer from it.
Some will notice what they have in every moment in life and will love life.
Realize that you already lost to missing.

Realize that you are motionless when it comes to agonizing about what you want and don’t have right now.

So, be in motion with what you do have because you can enjoy that.
Create plans, imagine the future, be excited about what’s to come.
But don’t dwell about its deadline and its arrival. Trust the excitement that propels you to imagine.
Look for excitement in every moment of your life, it is there.
There is no point in looking for what isn’t.

Yours truly,

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