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I can’t make a choice

Not being able to make up my mind.
To make a decision or a choice that needs to be made.
Feeling trapped, any decision I try to make is not to my satisfaction.

This feeling of stuckness and stagnation comes from fear.

When we fear the consequences that might come up as a result of making a choice. We stop ourselves.
Choice is freedom, by not making any choice, we limit our freedom. Therefore feeling stuck in one place. Wanting to move but we can’t.

Understanding, that your fear has roots, and that it is tied to your beliefs in life, can set you free. Your fear is your opportunity, to evolve, to transcend, to grow as a person, emotionally and mentally. Fear can make you wiser on a whole other level.

Usually, when one fears, he freezes. Because fear brings up emotions, memories, that bring more fear. It all happens very fast and shocks our system. It also has a snowball-like effect. When we stay in fear it grows.
Therefore, it is common to run away and distract ourselves from fear. It is humanly common not to want to investigate the reasons and the beliefs that cause fear to come up.

If you can’t make a choice in life, most likely you fear the consequences.
Most likely you believe that the consequences will endanger your status, your opinion of yourself, others opinion of you, your worthiness.
You might feel that you won’t be as loved after making a specific choice, won’t be as appreciated by loved ones, by society.

All these connections, preventing you from making a choice, are your beliefs that make you fear. They make you fear on purpose. The fear wants you to notice what are your beliefs. Fear wants to set you free from you, limiting yourself, from your limiting beliefs.
Fear wants to set you free from believing that you are dependent on others opinion of your worthiness.
Fear wants to let you know that the only love that there is, comes from you.

When someone tells you they love you, you cannot feel their love. You can only feel your own love to yourself and to others.
So there is no reason to fear that you’re not loved by another. But, you can choose to believe that you are depended on someone’s love. And if you choose that, you will fear.

When someone tells you that you are good, or worthy. You cannot feel what they feel. You can only feel your own worthiness towards yourself.
So there is no reason to fear what others think about you. But you can choose to believe that your worthiness is dependent on what others say about you. And if you choose that you will fear.

You will fear every time you need to make a choice that might impact what others think of you, and as a result of that, what you will think of yourself.

The only thing that makes you fear is your beliefs. Beliefs that were passed to you, and the beliefs you chose to believe.
But sometimes our own beliefs are not that obvious to us. Subconscious beliefs are not obvious at all. They require an inquiry from ourselves, in order to be revealed.

So be honest with yourself and ask yourself.
What do I need to believe in order to fear this or that?
What belief is causing me to fear when I think about this or that.
What belief is causing this fear to rise and preventing me from making a choice?

Let fear empower you to discover your beliefs.
Let fear set you free.

Truly yours,

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