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Why I don’t fight thoughts

Don’t fight thoughts. The thoughts will always win.

There is no need to fight thoughts, to find peace.

You learn from thoughts. Thoughts are relevant. Like any other appearance.

Fighting thoughts is like fighting any other appearance that is already here. It is useless and unnecessary.

Anything that provokes you to fight, resist or disagree – is something that you don’t understand yet if you decide to fight it.

If you fight, it is important to be aware of your reaction, whatever it may be. Whatever your reaction to thought is, don’t judge. Because it has already happened. Don’t judge yourself for letting thought once again pull you into emotions or more thoughts. If it happens, it is relevant to you.

It is relevant for your learning of becoming aware. The more thoughts bother you, the more you become aware of what you don’t want. But, sometimes thoughts arise without you being aware, without your initiative. You might feel helpless to when this happens, but this is ok. Again the thought is like any other appearance in your life. If a thought has risen without you wanting it to rise this means that you’re judging what has appeared.
All you can do is notice what has appeared or what is happening.

You don’t have a saying in what has already happened or is happening.
All you have is your awareness.
Being aware gives you an opportunity to choose. Choose your reaction to whatever appeared or is appearing right now, including thought.

Being aware of negative thoughts gives you a choice. A choice to engage in a fight or leave it. It is your aware decision. If you become aware during a fight. That is ok. You can still decide. You can always decide to react to any appearance. If you’re aware, then you are also aware of a possibility to choose your reaction.

If you think that you don’t have a choice that is because you’re noticing the fighting.
Just keep noticing being aware to the fighting during the fighting to see the choice, that is there.

Give up the fight. Let thoughts be, don’t engage in thoughts that make you feel bad, don’t react to them.
If you see that you can’t, don’t judge yourself for it.
If you see that you do judge. That is ok.
Understand that your judgment is a part of appearance that you are a witness to.
Sometimes the appearance is too emotional not to engage in.

However, do try to stay aware. When you’re aware you remember and learn. You evolve.
Try to stay aware and realize that your fighting doesn’t do you any good. They only bring suffering so you can notice, what is good for you.

Yours truly,

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