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You are always right

You are always right. Your convictions are based on your beliefs. You are dedicated to standing behind your beliefs. Your beliefs are based on your life choices, experiences, emotions, thoughts which feel very real and believable to you.

Everything that you define real and draw a conclusion of, during your life turns to belief. So no matter what is happening in your life. No matter what you say about what is happening. You are always right. Because you don’t have other choices. The truth that you see at this moment is your truth. Based on what you define is real to you.

But what about other people?
The same goes for other people.
They are also right.

You see, the universe is generous. There is free will for all. You can be right, and the person next to you having an opposite opinion from your opinion is also right.

But what about when I’m right and someone else is wrong? How can this be?

You may think that the other person is wrong. But it doesn’t seem to him that he is wrong, because he is convinced in his righteousness, just like you are. Because he has free will just like you do. However, that doesn’t prevent you from believing that someone is wrong and you’re right. Because everything can and does coexist in creation.

There is no right or wrong. The very basis of looking for who is right is coming from lack. From the need to prove a point. If you believe in free will you don’t need to prove a point. You allow everyone to have free will.

If you still want to prove a point. To show that you are right and someone is wrong.
Ask yourself what am I missing so badly right now, that I’m willing to go out of my way to show that person that I’m right and they are not.

Because if you’re not missing anything. You don’t need anything. Including to prove a point. But if you are missing appreciation, love, worthiness. You will do anything to be right and prove a point. If you do that, you need to realize that love, appreciation, and worthiness is not something that you can be lacking. Unless you believe that you can.

Creation has only abundance. Everything that you could ever want exists already. You’re choosing to believe that it doesn’t. You’re choosing to focus on the absence of physical objects and decide that they are missing.

Physical objects are reflections of our beliefs, of who we are, not the other way around.
If physical stuff was to dictate who we are and what we believe in, there wouldn’t be a way to choose based on merely a feeling in our hearts.

Do you believe in compassion?
Do you believe in kindness?
Do you believe in love?

You can choose to believe in these things not basing your opinion on anything other than your hearts pure will. Because you have free will to do so. You don’t need something, to believe in kindness. You can be kind to a stranger and feel good about it, anytime.

But you can choose to believe that you are missing something. Because it is not there. But ask yourself do your beliefs support what you want to have right now?
You have free will to believe that stuff you want is missing and creation won’t stop you from choosing to believe anything you want. In fact, it will confirm to you that which you believe in. Because everything can and does coexist in creation.

If everything is so great in creation and nothing is ever missing, why do we need to feel bad?

When you feel bad about something. It is because you disagree with creation. You either disagree with:

Rule Number One – There is free will for all.

Rule Number Two – Everything can and does coexist. Because of rule number one.

Rule Number Three – Nothing is missing. Due to previous aforementioned rules, one and two.

So when you feel bad, you disagree with creation.
When you disagree and want to know why ask yourself
What do I believe, that makes me disagree with creations rules One, Two or Three.

Yours truly,

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