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What to do when negative thoughts arise

What should I do when facing negativity and negative thoughts.

Step One

Observe whatever feels bad.
Remind yourself that you are love.
Remind yourself that if something makes you feel bad that is because you believe that it is true, while it is not. (see the previous post You are always right).

You are love.

Convincing yourself otherwise will make you feel bad.

Remind yourself that you’re right. For thinking and reacting to thought the way you do, no matter what is bothering you. You stand behind your convictions and defend your beliefs even when they make you feel bad. Give yourself credit for being loyal to yourself.


Observe all that is. Because all that is. Is already now for you to observe.

Step two


Because this is the best you can DO right now.

Rest in neutrality.
Rest by not reacting to thought, body, appearance, circumstance or emotion.
Rest by not blinking to reality.
Rest by not wanting anything from right now.
Rest because you’re not interested in whatever is right now.
If right now feels bad or makes you sad.
Be neutral in your action and reaction.

Because every reaction, other than resting in neutrality is you being interested in fighting, resisting, denying, fearing, describing what is right now to yourself, adding to what is already, adding more of what is to what is.

You’re done, with what is. Let what is be.
Be done.
Be neutral.

Rest with everything by being neutral.
Resting is not necessarily, feeling good.
Resting is no-doing.
Rest with what is agonizing, irritating, making you mad, depressed, frustrated.

What is being neutral?
Being neutral is not, not caring.
Being neutral is caring. Caring for yourself by realizing that fighting with thoughts, emotions, and circumstance won’t bring you peace.
You want peace.

Peace has no conditions. It is here now. It is in resting.
Peace is in every moment.
Nothing has you or your attention. You hold everything within your attention by being interested.
Release your grip and need to react to everything that makes you feel bad.
You don’t need to react to anything.

Choose neutrality.
Choose peace.
Realize that you don’t have to die to rest in peace.
Rest in peace in life.

Yours truly

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