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The emotions trick us into thinking that life is hard.

That we need to overcome life. Adapt ourselves to the struggles of life.

Feeling the overwhelming emotions in our bodies, the heaviness, the contractions, the heart dropping emptiness, the abyss of fear.

The sea of emotions pulling us into the heart of the storm, while we can barely swim, or don’t even know how to swim. Trying to stay over water, fighting to stay alive. But the waves are too high. And we don’t stand a chance. And each time we encounter the familiar waves of emotions, our fear only grows.

But, this is only half of it. The experience of strong emotions is always connected to reality, to thoughts about our physical reality. Therefore, we make the inescapable assumption that the circumstance comes with the emotion. Because that which triggered the emotion feels like the emotion. The circumstance is the emotion itself.

This circumstance feels like a struggle, that circumstance feels like suffering.
This circumstance feels lonely, that circumstance feels lacking.
This circumstance feels scary, that circumstance feels unpleasant.

We attach our strong feelings of emotions to circumstance. Creating the connection in our minds that the circumstance is what we feel.

This makes us believe that – for circumstance to change, we must react with a counter strength that is equal at least to what we feel, in order to overcome this circumstance.
In order to change what I don’t like I believe that I must apply a counter power equal in magnitude to what I feel.
I must fight circumstance with the power equal to my emotion. Because to me, the circumstance is emotion.
So, if I do not want to be lonely, I must overcome first, this harsh circumstance of loneliness.

But the circumstance is so real so powerful in its feeling, that I don’t see myself ever overcoming this circumstance.

If I want to be abundant then I must overcome this heavy circumstance of lack, but this circumstance is so real, that I don’t see how in the world it is possible to overcome this circumstance.

If I want to be loved, I need to overcome or create a circumstance in which I’m loved. But how would I do that if my circumstance always reminds me that I’m not loved? The circumstance feels so hollow that I don’t see myself ever being loved, overcoming the circumstance.

Emotions trick us to believe that the circumstance is the emotion.
The circumstantial reality becomes the feeling of suffering, burden, and struggle because it feels that way.

And if the circumstance feels like the emotion, then it is the circumstance that feels, heavy, hollow, empty, contracted, lonely, harsh.
Then it must be super hard to change our circumstantial reality. Because we think that we must apply the same amount of effort that equals to what we feel, in order to overcome the circumstance.

But let me tell you, that we got it all wrong. The emotion is only the interpretation of reality, the circumstance, the world. Appearance doesn’t have emotions. We have emotions about appearance. We decide to believe that appearance, habit, routine, everyday life, is hard, is empty, is lonely. We give meaning to what seems to be hard, struggle, emptiness. We decide that the circumstance is what we perceive it to be, from our beliefs. We decide what life is based on how we feel.

But how we feel has very little to do with the circumstance of life. You can feel lonely when you have a company around you. You can feel lack, having wealth. You can feel not loved in a relationship. If you are waiting for reality to change so you can feel different, realize that there are people that have what you want in life and still feel the way you feel. Appearance doesn’t change their emotions.

If you want to make a change, realize that change is easy. It has nothing to do with physical reality. It has everything to do with your beliefs. Your beliefs are the only thing that is stopping you from being loved, feeling love, being confident, having what you want. Your beliefs make you feel your emotions, not reality.
Circumstance is neutral.
Physical stuff is neutral.
Appearance is neutral.
People are neutral.
You feel your emotions about all what is neutral based on what you believe about the neutral things.

Your life is not hard. Your beliefs about life make you feel bad about life. The life you want to live is already here, it is ready to show you what you believe in. If you ask yourself sincerely what you really really want right now, not what you think you want that will make you happy, but what your heart desires right now. You will realize that whether you already have what you want, or nothing is stopping you right now from having what you want right now.

We only suffer from our beliefs because we are wrong believing in them. That is why they feel bad in the first place. Make peace with what you want right now and don’t have, by asking yourself, Do I need that thing because I believe it would make me happier, loved, acknowledged, worthy, healthy. If you do, you don’t need that thing. These things are already available to you, you just can’t see them, because your beliefs are blocking the view.

Be sincere with what you want right now. When you truly want something it will have nothing to do with what you believe you are lacking.

Yours truly,

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