Personal Growth

I Am Brave


Life doesn’t need you to be –


To prove a point

To fight

Or to sacrifice anything

These are choices you make in life. If you think you need to be brave. That’s because you believe that there is something that is stopping you from being free or safe.

That something comes from your own beliefs.

What is being brave to you?

Perhaps you believe you need to take action despite your fears.

Perhaps it is proving a point to yourself or others that you’re not afraid.
You might fear being perceived by yourself or others, as the one that fears.

Take a look at your life right now.

Is your survival threatened at this moment?

Probably not.

Perhaps in your mind, you see yourself in some kind of danger in the future. But not right now.

Right now you’re free and safe, you are, at some degree of comfort right now, because you took the time to read this post.
Right now there is no need to be brave.

Right now there is no need to prove a point by being brave.

Life doesn’t require you to be brave, only your belief can make you think a certain way or do certain things.

So do what feels good, because life will always show you more of what you feel.

Yours truly,

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