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Don’t judge your addictions

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What is an addiction?

Is it a moment of control? freedom? peace?

Illusory peace, but still peace.

We are addicted to things that make us feel good or make us forget about what feels not so good.

Food, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, porn, gambling, television, sport, meditation, smartphone, social interaction.

Anything you run to, from whatever you don’t like in your experience right now.

Addictions come as a result of wanting to feel good, but not knowing how. And some of them just got a bad reputation. People that want a piece of peace, turn to a specific relief that gives them that peace. They know what will make them feel better. Some people that suffer and don’t know what can make them feel better, commit suicide, not to feel the suffering.

So if you find yourself running to your addictions. Be easy on yourself, realize that you want to help yourself but simply don’t know how. You care. You don’t want to suffer. So don’t judge your moments of relief from pain, and don’t let others judgment get to you. They don’t know what it is like to be you. Those who judge you suffer from their own beliefs of how things should be when they don’t like what they see.
Put your guilt aside, put your blame aside, put your agony aside. You are doing the best you can. You are helping yourself the best way you possibly can, at this moment.

Addiction provides us with experiences and senses that we are lacking in our daily lives.
Pease, Relief, Control, Bliss, Joy, Happiness, Safety, Freedom, Love, etc.

If you are suffering from an addiction. Remind yourself how you got there in the first place. Remind yourself what was missing. Let yourself know that you are human, that all you wanted is to feel good about something that you were lacking.

Most of us are addicted to feeling good or addicted to numbing our bad feelings and emotions. There are various things that bring us relief when we find ourselves not being able to deal with something that is lacking in our experience.

Whatever your experience is in your life, wherever your suffering may take you. No matter what you do, to make it easier on yourself. Don’t judge. Simply acknowledge that you care about yourself, about your experience, about how you feel, about your life. You want to feel better like the rest of humanity. So everything you do is okay.

Yours truly,

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