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Conditions made from beliefs

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Having a to-do list makes me nervous.
The knowing of uncompleted tasks is unsettling. There is a sense of incompletion.
Since I have all this stuff to do, that is not done yet. I’m not complete. Not in peace.
I was in peace before I had the to-do list. But how can I be now in peace when there is something to do.
There is no way for me to be in peace until it’s all done.

Sometimes we worry about what is not done. It makes us nervous. Time limiting tasks especially make us nervous.
We give meaning to so many things. To time, to the completion of tasks in time. To peace.
There is no peace when you got work to do.
Even if you like what you’re doing, If you believe that you can’t rest until you’re done with what you’re doing, you’re not really enjoying, doing what you love.

Notice that it is only you that put yourself at dis-ease.
You create conditions in your mind regarding everything that you do. And you believe strongly in their truth.
For example:
I must finish this before I can rest.
If I don’t finish this in time, I might lose my job.
If I’ll lose my job, I won’t have money to pay the bills.
If I don’t have money I’ll be homeless.
I better finish this in time unless I want to be homeless.

In relationships.
At work.
At home.
In finance.
In school.

No wonder we can’t rest, can’t find peace.

Let me ask you something.
How many of those conditions you were taught or noticed in society, and how many of them you concluded and based on your own personal experience.
Odds are you were convinced in your conditions about most things even before you got the chance to make them up from experience.

We are being passed conditions and beliefs from generation to generation. We learn about them from history, schools, television, parents. We are being convinced of their truthfulness, even before we know what is true.
We are being programmed ahead of time to live a certain kind of life.
We live lives based on what we believe, the conditions that we believe in.

If you change your belief you change the way you live.

What if you weren’t scared to lose your job. What if you were confident in your ability to provide for yourself no matter the circumstance.
Can you imagine the life you would live?

You might say –
Yeah but that is not real, look at the people that can’t provide for themselves.

And I will say –
Sure you can look at their circumstance.
But did you look at their beliefs?

Yours truly,

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