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What is possible?

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We usually get stuck, insisting on a particular path that we see.
Insisting on a certain path limits your options. Limits your ability to see beyond what you’re focused on.
Being focused is good. But don’t become obsessed about a certain way of doing something to reach your goal.
If you know what you want. Know also that there are many paths to what you want that are hidden from your vision when you are focused on a particular way of doing things. Don’t be certain in one particular way of doing things.

There are “Many roads leading to Rome” as they say. Don’t insist too much on the one that you already know. Let life take you and surprise you. Be open to discover easier and more efficient answers to your how’s. Stubbornness can only guaranty one way of doing things. Why settle with one?

You only insist and being stubborn because it’s important to you to do things your way.
Perhaps you’re trying to prove something to yourself or others. Your worthiness perhaps. Perhaps you simply got used to doing things this way. No need to prove anything anymore. Let the solutions come to you from the infinite existing possibilities in the universe.

The same goes when you give up. When you decide that something is impossible to do. If you don’t see a way out, or a path to what you want, don’t be focused on what you don’t know right now. Seeing that a certain goal cannot be reached and believing it – is believing that you are right about something that is not there. How can you be right about something that is not there? You can only be right about something that is already happening now.

Believe in possibilities even when you don’t see them. The one that believes in possibilities is open to receive what is possible. The one who doesn’t will only see the impossible.

So don’t limit yourself and your life, know that even when you’re walking blindly there are infinite possibilities around you. The minute you stop denying them they will appear in front of you.

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