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Bad mood ? – Try this.

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Next time you have a bad mood – Try this.

  1. Notice the bad feeling
  2. Notice the bad mood
  3. Recognize that the bad mood occurs as a result of your conclusion about your feelings and emotions. Stop to recognize this before continuing.
  4. Acknowledge this, by taking responsibility for making conclusions. Say to yourself – I’ve made this conclusion. This conclusion is based on my current beliefs, about the circumstance that produced these feelings and emotions in me.

Practice this to see that you’re the one that is constantly making conclusions based on whatever emotions, feelings that you have. Emotions and feelings are happening automatically without your intervention. On the other hand, your mood occurs as a direct result of your conclusions and thoughts. Your conclusion is your reaction to your circumstance.

Waking up to this may be challenging, you might feel bad about making yourself feel bad with your conclusions. Don’t blame yourself. Thank yourself for this opportunity to recognize more of yourself. Forgive yourself for making yourself feel bad with your conclusions. Re-evaluate the false beliefs that provoke you to make these conclusions that make you feel bad.

How to spot false beliefs?

If you’re having a bad mood and think that you need something in order not to have a bad mood.
Ask yourself  – what do I need?

For example:

  • I need someone to love me so I can feel loved.
  • I need money to be safe.
  • I need this car so I can be appreciated
  • I need to achieve something so I can be acknowledged
  • I need stuff so I can feel worthy
  • I need people around me so I won’t feel lonely
  • I need to prove something so I can be right

and so on.

If your answer is between the aforementioned lines then your belief is a false belief.

Because we don’t actually need anything to feel good. Feeling good is our natural state of being. I’m not talking about basic needs like food and sleep.

Imagine for a second a state of mind that you don’t need anything. No thought in your head that demands anything from anyone. No belief that demands anything from yourself or others. Tune into this for a second, how would it feel like. Relief? Peace? Perhaps even bliss?

I’m not telling you to give up on your wants. Just re-evaluate the beliefs that make you feel bad. Mental beliefs that are telling you that you need something in order to be happy or at peace, you need something that you don’t have right now.

When you spot a false belief, all you need to do is to be with yourself. Like you would be with your child that might think that he has done something wrong just by being innocent. You were innocent to believe all your false beliefs that are making you feel bad. You were innocent to believe that they are beneficial to you in some way. They would make you feel loved, appreciated, worthy, not lonely.

Be easy on yourself.

Yours truly,

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