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A Reminder To Stop

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tornado on body of water during golden hour

Are you too proud to stop?
Why can’t I stop?
How can I stop, If I don’t want to stop?

Notice your state of body and mind.
Are you satisfied with your physical and mental state right now?
What is more important to you than your body and mind state?
An idea? A mission? A task? A belief? A thought?

What is so important that you need to sacrifice your peace of mind and the comfort of your body?
Stress is not important, it is harmful.
Worry is harmful.
Obsession is harmful.
Addiction is harmful.
You know that you can achieve anything you want by being peaceful and relaxed.
Let your natural peaceful state of being, take you and provide to you whatever you need.
Stop all your stressful doing and thinking.
Become a peaceful doer and thinker.
Don’t you want to live peacefully?
What are you waiting for?
Peace starts now.
Inside the tornado of your worries and fears.
Are you waiting for the tornado to pass, so you can be at peace? If you are, you are creating conditions for being peaceful. Remember you want to be peaceful without conditions, regardless of circumstance.
Peace has no conditions. It is offered to you in every single moment.
Give up on everything that makes you stressful and worried. Give up on your pride to know everything that you need to do in order to be. You don’t need to know everything. It is not your responsibility to know everything. You made it your responsibility. Pure yourself from your beliefs that prepare you for the worst. Free yourself from anticipating the worst.
You are restless due to the things that you believe in.
Purge yourself from beliefs that make you restless.

Allow yourself to stop, inside the tornado. Imagine yourself standing still in the center of the tornado while all your worries, problems, struggles, stressful thoughts are flying around in havoc. But you are in the center and nothing can touch you. You are there peacefully in peace.

Yours truly,

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