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Fear to rule them all

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Fear is an indication that we oppose what is happening right now.

When we are opposing what is now, we try to gain control over it, change it, or ignore it. Either way, we are acting from fear, disapproving of what is happening.

People think that fear is bad because fear brings unpleasant feelings to our bodies Рracing beating heart, sweat, inability to move, inability to react. No wonder we choose to ignore everything that we fear.

What is not so obvious is that fear is found underneath all negative emotions that are known to us. It is actually a relief to find out that every time that we feel – anger, sadness, irritation, impatience, frustration, judgment, envy, hate, etc – It is because we fear. All emotions that make us feel bad, come from fear.

We fear because we believe that we’re threatened in some way. But instead of¬†getting to know ourselves and our beliefs that make us fear. We try to fix the circumstances that makes us fear. When we fail to fix the circumstances or see that they are not fixable we feel more fear but in new and more creative ways like frustration, irritation, anger, impatience. Sometimes judging, blaming ourselves or others due to our helpless condition.

You see all our emotional struggles come from fear. But as I mentioned before, knowing this, brings relief. Because there is no need to fix the circumstance or anyone anymore.

The fear appears directly as a result of our beliefs. You know that you fear because you were convinced to believe by yourself or others, that you are threatened in certain circumstance. But there is no reason to be threatened unless you are in an immediate life-threatening danger.

We acquire beliefs that make us fear life. Our beliefs and thoughts provoke these fears when we encounter a circumstance that we think is wrong, inappropriate, or threatening to us. Since we are used to thinking that everything that makes us feel bad is real and true, we also believe that our beliefs that make us fear are true.

Fear pushes us to get involved in so many things that don’t require our involvement. But since we have these beliefs that make us fear life. We need to keep in check with everything that might make us fear.

So when you stumble upon fear and you’re not in an immediate danger, remind yourself that it has nothing to do with anyone or anything in the world around you. Ask yourself why do I choose to fear right now, how does this benefit me?

You might fear what others think of you because you believe that you need to fit in, because you believe you need to please others, be approved, perhaps you don’t like being alone, perhaps you prefer to be alone because you are tired of pleasing others.

Whatever is your belief, if it feels bad, it is because underneath of that belief lies fear.

Don’t make yourself dependent on someone else’s approval, appreciation or love. Dependence creates conditions and limitations to your freedom of movement and expression. Limitations create contractions, pain, disease.

When you notice that you fear. Stop all your attempts to fix something. Be with your fear. Appreciate what it represents. It wants to set you free from the limitations that you’ve created for yourself. Realize that nothing is against you and your survival. Everything is for you and your freedom.

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