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Hurricane of assumptions

I assume all my life, make conclusions about what is going to happen, how things will turn out, how my life is going to be. I learned to assume from a very young age. Usually, I assume from what is already here in my reality right now, thoughts and beliefs are a part of that reality. Rarely have I assumed not basing my assumption on reality.

I assume everything, behavior, finance, food, health, love, happiness, sadness, death. I assume, if I’ll be successful or a failure, if I lose or win.

Assumptions are predictions that we believe are going to come true. They are conclusions based on our beliefs and the current life circumstance we’re in. Most of the time If the circumstance is not so great, it is likely that our assumption/conclusions /belief about the circumstance will also be not so great.

Why is that? Why do I always assume the worst when given the worst?

It is something that we pick up, like a mental skill. We are perfecting that skill every day by training our mind to think in particular patterns.

How much time of the day are you busy in making assumptions and conclusions? The time we spend thinking is the time we spend in assuming. Assumptions are like arrows that we shoot from our present moment in time into the future. Sometimes we are not aware that we are the ones aiming these arrows. As a result, the arrows might end up in a ditch of sadness, bad health, frustration, loneliness.

If we aim these assumption arrows while being aware of our thoughts, of our beliefs, we have a better chance of having the future we want. Imagine that you are a genie and that your every wish, though, conclusion and assumption is taken into consideration in the manifestation of your future circumstance. But, the wish-granting mechanism is slow, on purpose.

Life circumstance is presented to you, not as a result of a one arow, one thought created in your mind and imagination, but as a result of a hurricane of thoughts, assumptions, conclusions that you’ve created in your mind with time. The direction of this hurricane is determined by the collective of these thoughts and assumptions. Your hurricane might be directed to the stars or might be directed into a ditch. Only you know the direction of your hurricane, you can feel where your life is headed.

So where are you going to direct your hurricane next?

Yours truly,

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