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How to “Deal with it”

Deal with it. Deal with the situation, deal with fear, deal with life. Just F**** deal with it. Although the expression might seem annoying, it speaks of truth not known to many.

But first, let me ask a question. Can you really deal with and cope with a situation you cannot deal with right now? What does it even mean to deal? – does it mean to bear? to tolerate? to abide? to allow?

To me dealing with something is just being with that something, in the most alert and aware state of being that I can be. Dealing with a situation or emotional state is letting yourself be with whatever is out there. Not trying to fix anything or change anything. Embracing the experience as is. I don’t have to like it, and I don’t have to not like it. I don’t owe anything to the situation or the emotional state I’m in. Dealing with something doesn’t have to necessarily mean that I need to suffer.

All I’m doing is being compassionate towards myself at that moment, by not escalating the situation with negative conclusions and thoughts. Yes, the moment might not feel great but as long as I’m not escalating my experience by trying to come up with some conclusion about how bad I feel, all I’m doing is allowing myself to be.

You see the moment that you’re making a conclusion about your experience. You start to experience the conclusion. If it’s a bad conclusion it feels bad. Negative thoughts and conclusions only limit your state of being your freedom of being. Because negativity always talks about boundaries.

What I can’t do

What I don’t have

Boundaries feel bad because they take away your freedom from you. Focusing on boundaries feels bad.

When you’re dealing with something, allow yourself to be without boundaries and don’t set any limitations. By being carefree about consequences, conclusions, thoughts, meanings about the thing you’re dealing with. You’re not ignoring the issue. You’re allowing yourself to continue to be physically and emotionally free and balanced alongside the issue.

This might be challenging depending on a person and his or her’s belief system. Strong beliefs will pull you towards making conclusions, especially if we’re talking about fearful beliefs.

Dealing with or dissolving beliefs is a whole different story and it is something that is definitely worth looking into when trying to understand your suffering and better your life.

When dealing with something there is no need to be brave, there is no need to figure out things, or resolve things in this instance. Just pay attention to the bad feelings you might have and know that you are limiting your freedom right now by focusing on and believing in your negative thoughts.

Yours truly

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