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I’m always going through something

Sometimes it might seem that we’re going through something.
Some difficult phase. Going through breakup, divorce, headache, disease, some kind of disturbance. Going through pain, sadness, depression. The words going through suggest subliminally that something is off right now and I’m waiting to get back to my normal state of being.

I used to think every time when I was going through something that something was wrong therefore unaccepted by me. Time must pass until this something goes away. I need to wait until I get back to my normal self. And in the meanwhile, I need to pull through, or perhaps make adjustments to what is.

Making adjustments is really a nice way of describing my unwillingness to be at peace in the current circumstance. But as I’ve come to learn there is more than what meets the eye. This recess from feeling your normal-self has a purpose and brings the opportunity to see more of who you are.

On a day to day basis, we don’t really have the opportunity to get to know ourselves, unless we take the time to do so. And most of us don’t. We’re consumed by experiencing daily activities that make us feel good, and as soon as something feels off we can’t wait to get back to how we’re used to feeling. Treating bad feelings as something unwelcomed.

Sure there is nothing welcomed in feeling bad. But before you dismiss the bad feelings and try to get rid of them realize what they are, what they represent. The bad feelings are energy – caused by a certain mood, behavior, thoughts, resonating energy in your body and mind. What feels bad is simply more noticeable energy in your current state of being. That energy might be identified in a new form such as a disease or depression.

We fail to understand that our off state is a state like any other state of being, of energy. Imagine ignoring or trying to fix every situation that made you smile. You will end up depressed. Not because you lack smiling but because you are busy denying who you are right now denying the situation, your own energy, who you are, focusing on feeling differently trying to become something different something you’re not right now.

When you feel that you’re going through something. Don’t just dismiss it and try to fix it. Don’t try to be somewhere you’re not capable of being right now. Don’t try to feel something you’re not capable of feeling right now. The trying to fix or be or feel something you can’t – this is what makes you feel bad. Your deliberate focus on changing the unchangeable.

It takes time for water to become ice. It takes time for a cake to cool off when you take it out of the oven. Everything has a purpose and serves a purpose. Ice will keep your drink cold but it will take time for water to become ice. The cake won’t burn you when it will cool off, but it will take time for it to cool off.

Sure you can choose to be impatient about the things that take time. Focusing your energy on what you can’t have right now. But you can also take the time to appreciate the given opportunity to see yourself reacting to a situation you’re in. The impatience, the frustration, the negativity, the anger, the sadness. Ask yourself – In what way my reaction serves me. Because it doesn’t. It only puts me down. I put myself down by choosing to react the way I react.
This is my time to see more of who I am on a deeper level. How I treat myself when the circumstance doesn’t match my expectations when things are not as I prefer them to be.

Yours truly,

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