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Preparing for the worst


Preparing for work, for school, for lunch. Where am I going? What I’m going to say? Repeating whatever I prepared myself for, in my thoughts over and over again. I don’t remember when was the last time I thought about something new. My daily routine puts me in repetition in my thoughts and actions. Never ending repetition. Can you imagine yourself how it would feel like to live without repetition? Not worrying about what you have to do, what will be. Not preparing yourself for what is about to happen. For some, it is stressful not to know what is going to happen.

Why do we need repetition?

We created repetition for predictability and reliability among other things. When you have beliefs about life that make you fear, you want to be able to predict those fears so you can react to them accordingly, you want to rely on whatever securities you’ve created for yourself in your routine to save you from your fears. This is why people go to work they don’t like, for example. This is why we repeat an already occurred circumstance in our mind over and over again, repeat already happened dialogs, prepare dialogs for the future circumstance. Fear is what drives people to do things they don’t want to do but still do them to prevent those fears from coming true. If you have an issue that stresses you out, most likely you already have a prepared strategy to deal with that issue. You’ve adjusted and prepared yourself to live with your fears.

It is challenging, to say the least, to disconnect ourselves from beliefs that make us fear. Because we are used to acting on them repeatedly. We are convinced that the work that we put in to prevent those fears, pays off.

Preparing and managing our actions to prevent fears is tiring. But what other choice people have? This is all they are used to see around them. Other people that fear and repeatedly preparing themselves for the worst. Rarely anybody stops and ponders if there is anything else out there. Is there another way for me to live my life? perhaps without fears. You know all it takes is to ponder about it. This is where it all starts. This is where you begin to see that it might be possible to hit the breaks on your repetitions and preparations for the worst. If you are convinced in your fearful future you are doomed to live in that future. All it takes is a to wonder about what else is out there? and a new path of something better will be laid before you.

Yours truly,

Whether or not you will be able to see and follow the new path that is a different story. But it will be there for you. Comment below if you’d like me to write about how to recognize and follow your new life path.

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