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Sometimes the subject of our focus is too overwhelming emotionally and as result, we don’t want to be apart of the experience that we’re focused on. This is fear, and it creates limitations in our lives.

Every thought that scares you, is already created limitation by you. Every time we fear, we focus on some idea that makes fear. That idea, though, or belief is a limitation created by us.

To release oneself from limitations. Ask yourself what is the most noticeable fear in my life that makes me emotionally stuck, meaning – I cannot process or let myself feel emotions on a particular subject or in a particular circumstance.

What thoughts, make me feel the worst. What words are the most devastating for me to hear? When you think about your limiting circumstances and you find the one that is in your opinion, the worst. Ask yourself the following questions.

Am I scared of not being good or loved?
Am I scared of losing something or someone?
Am I scared of not being safe?

The answer to at least one of those questions is going to be – yes.

If you find what scares you the most, you find your biggest limitation in life for right now.

This is where you start.

Thank yourself for your willingness to become aware of your suffering and your willingness to release yourself from your limitations.

Yours truly,

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