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You are the miracle of life

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Did you decide that you’re physically weak, incapable, dependent, helpless?
Did you make such a conclusion about yourself?
Maybe you gave up on yourself?
Are you living your life, waiting to be saved, waiting for a miracle?

People say about every child that is born, that it is a miracle of life. You are that miracle.
Don’t be mistaken to think that you are only this body. You are more than this body. The body is only a fraction of what you are. We are the observers of our bodies and everything else that we experience.

You observe your body as it grows and changes over a lifetime. When your childhood body transforms into a teenager body, do you forget about your childhood experiences? – no. Do you feel that you are missing your childhood body? – no. What about your teenage body do you feel that it is missing? – no.
When you clip your nails or cut your hair do you feel that you lose a part of yourself – No. Every cell in your body is renewed every 6 years or so including your brain cells, did you notice this? Did it hurt? Do you miss your old cells? Of course not.

Everything changes while you stay. The experiencer stays throughout the coming and going of all changes including bodily changes. Every change that you go through only expands your experiences and your wisdom. You are never in any given point in time become less than who you previously were.

If you try to convince yourself that you are less, it will feel bad. Some people are so convinced that they are less than what they are, that they ignore how this conviction feels. Because being right is somehow much more important to them than how they feel.
If you believe that you are not enough or you don’t have enough of something, or you’re missing something that can make you happy right now, that belief feels bad.

Because you created conditions for being happy, and the universe is telling you that you can be happy right now without conditions, by sending you this hollow, empty, energy-sucking emotion that feels like ew 🤢 or even pew. On the other hand, imagining what it would be like having what you want feels great, because it allows you to be happy right now.

Think about it, you are only experiencing what you have right now. That’s it. This includes your memories and thoughts. But if you try to convince yourself that you can’t have something that you want, it would feel bad, instantly.

If you see yourself only as this body, realize that once you had a younger body, once you had a child’s body a different body. Where are these bodies now? They are gone but you are still here, the same being, spirit or soul, call it whatever, the same as you were, more expended, more experienced, and hopefully a bit wiser.

You can train and change your body to be healthy and in shape or you can train your body to be sick and addicted. Any path you’ll choose to take with your body you will experience it. The body is a part of your experience. Any path you choose to take, eventually, your body will ask more of what you give to it.

When you say that your body prevents you from doing something like being healthy or “normal” because you have an addiction, a weakness, a disability, a flaw. That doesn’t mean that you are helpless or incapable. All it means that what you have right now is your current experience. If it matters to you so much how it came to be this way, you are more than welcome to ponder about it but be aware not to drown in a sea of thoughts looking for meaning beyond your comprehension. The minute you start to feel bad looking for a meaning know that you’re are digging a deeper hole for yourself.

All you want is to feel good. So ask yourself – What or who is preventing me to be at peace right now? Is it my body? Am I a slave to how my body feels?

If you want you can totally ignore your body’s demands. In order for that to happen, you just need to become interested in something else. Become interested in a different body, imagine it, feel how it would feel having what you want. If you spend enough time imagining and feeling good, then you’ll find out that you’re the one in control. You can feel good no matter the circumstance you’re in. Your body will follow your lead. It is waiting to follow your lead. The follower is the one that repeats whatever the leader chooses and does. Become the leader of your life experience by choosing what serves you the best. Be the one that chooses, and choose wisely.

Yours truly,

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