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Remember how to rest

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Resting seems obvious, we think we do it all the time. We have our lunch at work or school while taking a break and resting. Coming back from work or school and resting for a while before continuing with our day. Going to sleep at night resting our body. But how many of us feel that they need that break during the busy hours of the day, during stress, work, and pressure and not taking that much-needed break. We’re only taking scheduled breaks and vocations breaks to rest.

Sometimes it might seem impossible to take that 5 minute resting period. But is really impossible?

I want to argue with that by saying that you can rest any time you want no matter what circumstance you’re in. I think that the problem is not the circumstance it is us. We are the one denying ourselves all possibilities that make it possible for us to rest whenever we need to.

We’re the ones choosing what is more important to us than resting right now. We’re the ones coming up with thought theories, excuses, fears, repercussions if we do choose to take that break.

We are the ones addicted to finishing that job, completing that task. Because we trained ourselves to live in these behavioral patterns. Believing that something must be completed first before we can take a break. The only one stopping you from resting is you. You decide that something else is more important than you, every time you need to rest and ignore it. This way we train our bodies and mind to endure stress, pain, and even suffering.

Do you really want to live your life by constantly being afraid if you can take a break? Because this is exactly what you’re doing. You are afraid to take a break to rest. It sounds horrible. It sounds like slavery. Yes, perhaps you’re not in shekels and perhaps you don’t work on a plantation or in a mine. But does it really matter who is slaving you and holding you prisoner? It doesn’t matter if it’s you or your master because the end result is the same for you.

You can’t learn how to rest. Because resting and being in peace is something that everyone is born with. You can only learn to listen to yourself, to your thoughts and beliefs that are preventing you to rest. You can observe yourself obeying these thoughts and beliefs. Following your own created master’s commands.

We don’t need someone else to tell us that we are not worthy by slaving us. We do it ourselves. We don’t need someone else to take our freedom from us, our beliefs and fears will do it for us.

Just because there is no one out there that is making slaves out of us, doesn’t mean that we’re not slaves anymore. The problem is that we only believe what we see and since we don’t see the shekels on our hands we believe that we are free.

The most underestimated tyrant, slaver, warden of all times is the mind. Because there is no one out there to fight it except you. You can gather up in thousands to try to save one man, one suffering soul from his beliefs. But as you know – “A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still”. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try. It means that first, there needs to be a will to change, to be free.

There is no, one strategy to be free to be at peace. There is no magic recipe. Everyone is different and unique in his and her own way. Only one can truly understand oneself because only one can experience oneself’s emotions and sufferings. Words are too general to describe feelings and emotions. We will never know how deep someone’s pain or suffering is.

It is up to each and every one of us to understand and explore the limitations and the boundaries we’ve created for ourselves in our minds and to set ourselves free.

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