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Bring happiness into your life right now

pexels-photo-1148998.jpegEvery day I wake up I tell myself that today is going to be different. I think I know what I need to do and what I don’t need to do. Every evening that I go to sleep I realize that I’ve failed to accomplished what I’ve set out to do earlier that day. And so on and so forth the days pass me by. The dominating issues and problems in my life take over my mind and a strong urge to fix those problems and issues arises causing me to drift away and forget who I am.

It is very easy to forget that everything that makes us feel bad or fearful, is not required to be fixed by us. When we react to what we feel,  by trying to solve a problem, we essentially ignore how we feel. Focusing directly on fixing something that makes us feel bad or fearful.

If I feel the way I feel and I don’t like it, it must be me. I’m the one feeling my emotions whether I’m dreaming, seeing, imagining or hearing. I’m the one feeling and reacting, feeling and reacting, over and over. The feelings are inside of me not in the circumstances around me. I cannot feel the circumstance I can only feel how I feel. But what can I do when I have this urge to fix something right now to fix my situation?

-Be like a kid.

Kids imagine.

They don’t really stay fixated on anything.

They dream.

They allow themselves to fly in their dreams.

So instead of fixing everything, create the feeling you want to feel. Use the lightness of your imagination to do it. Stop thinking about the how’s and when’s, and start feeling now the feelings you want to have by imagining yourself in a circumstance that can bring you these feelings.

Be that kid.

Imagine your own world.

Stop fixing the world you don’t want to see.

If you keep looking for something to fix, there will always be something to fix.

Instead imagine the world that you want to live in, the world that makes you feel great. Imagine the circumstance you prefer, people around you, yourself.

You want to start feeling how you prefer to feel and stop feeling how you don’t want to feel.

Using the lightness and freedom of our imagination we immediately transform ourselves to where we want to be, skipping the how’s and the when’s. How we’re going to get where we want to be, and when will we get there.

If we dwell on the how’s and the when’s and what needs to be fixed, it becomes our focus and thus our reality. Create a different reality using your imagination and live it right now by experiencing how it feels right now. Use your imagination to feel how you want to feel now and let everything else to fall in to place.

When we try to fix something we’re supporting our current energy of anxiety, stress, worry, and fear. You don’t want to act out of impulse, out of fear and stress. You want to take action only when you are peaceful, excited, happy, relaxed, confident, light. You want to create a state of being that you prefer, first. This is the life you want.

Don’t rush to fix something. Create the state that you want to be in by asking yourself how you want to feel right now and not how you don’t want to feel right now.

Focus on what you do want, otherwise, you’ll be stuck on fixing. Imagine the circumstance that can bring you these feelings. Be aware that you’re not imagining a solution to what makes you feel bad because that will be yet another attempt to fix something that you don’t like, keeping you fixated on fixing.

Imagine and create calmness instead of stress, peace instead of worry, confidence instead of fear. Imagine a circumstance right now that can bring to you the feeling that you prefer.

Yours truly,

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