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Life cannot be defined by words, thoughts or experiences, it is much more than that. It is infinite, it is infinitely beautiful. Every time we have a negative thought about life, we deny ourselves from seeing that beauty. If you’ve decided for yourself that what you understand about life is all that there is, you’ve put a stop on every possibility to expand beyond what you already know.

If you’re bored with your life, you’re fixating on your thoughts. The thought is stagnant, obsolete, static and limiting. It makes us stuck and it makes us being sick of everything. Everything seems so familiar and uninteresting. We define everything for ourselves using thoughts and words. When we define something there is no reason for us to explore and experience that something further and deeper, no reason to admire it anymore. We’ve already acquired a definition of that something, so there is no point to pause on it any longer. Right? We have our thoughts and definitions about everything and it seems we’ve got it all figured out. That’s what’s making us so bored.

The mind automatically goes into this pattern of recognizing everything through the association of words and definitions. This recognition process although not noticeable, is tiring. Instead, try to observe everything without defining what it is in your mind. Give yourself a break from defining everything, rest from recognizing and defining. Practice this. Sure it will be tricky at first when you look at the sky, the word blue¬†will pop out automatically. But if you keep practicing relaxing your mind from jumping to definitions you’ll experience much more. You’ll experience the world beyond what you’ve grown accustomed to. You’ll experience the world how children experience the world.

Try this method to see beyond what you already think that you know.

Surround yourself with nature.

Nature is constantly changing. It is ungraspable by the mind and the thought. You can’t define its beauty in a formula or predict its exact future movements and shapes. Sure when you see a tree you say in your mind – “tree” and move on, only this time try to observe beyond what your mind tells you.

Observe the wind, the lights, the shadows, the trees, the sea. Observe the waves splashing on the shore, in every single moment a new form is created by the splash of the wave. Feel the wind caressing your face, differently in each moment. Notice the trees swaying in the wind and casting different shapes of shadows. Observe how nature flows, unpredictably, around you.

Immerse yourself with nature, ground yourself in it. Nature doesn’t require your definitions of mind and thought. Observe everything without defining what it is in words and the beauty beyond words will be revealed to you. Don’t try to grasp the picture in front of you, let yourself be apart of the picture that you see. Stop trying to define everything. There is no need to do so.

Take a deep breath and allow yourself to not know what is going to happen in the next few seconds. Give up on knowing and figuring things out. Breathe. You’re are not going anywhere. You are safe. Give up on the need to predict what is going to happen next, what are you going to do next. See your body as a shape among all other shapes that are surrounding you.

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