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Fear of not enough

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How good are you imagining to yourself?

How good are you telling tales to yourself?

How good are you persuading yourself?

How good are you believing whatever you’re telling yourself?

How good are you in making conclusions by yourself?

How good are you in believing in your own conclusions?

I bet you are the best.
Because you are the only one choosing what is best for you.
You have no competition.

What is not enough?

Not enough means that you already have or own something and you’re scared of not having enough of that in the future. You want certainty, of keep having what you already have.

Do you know what will happen in the future? – Sure you do.

You’re planning your future right now by imagining not having what you want in the future.

You’re telling a tale.
A very persuasive tale.
A tale that you believe in.
Concluding based on what you’ve heard from yourself.
Believing your own conclusion.

How can you know what you’ll want in the future?
Perhaps you’ll want something else, something different.
Perhaps your desires will change.
If you assume that you will be the same as you are right now, you assume that you will have the same wants.
But perhaps you will change?  You will expand and as a result, your perspectives will change, your taste, your wants. The way your wants in your teenage years were replaced by your adult wants, for example.

However, most of us afraid of change. We believe it is threatening our survival. We believe that because we’ve accumulated plenty of tales about that also.

The future doesn’t exist yet, you can’t experience it, yet. You can only imagine it. Why bother speculating about the future if you don’t know what you might want in the future. If you have something that you want right now, just enjoy having it right now. All the physical experiences are happening right now. Even the ones that happen later will happen in your now – that is going to be later.

You can live your life preparing yourself for something that scares you or you can look at your life and see that all your needs are taken care of right now. If you think they are not, please continue to be honest with yourself and ask yourself the following questions:

– Do I perceive myself as a victim of some circumstance?

– Am I looking to prove my worth to myself or others?

– Am I looking to please someone?

– Is my freedom constricted in any way?

If you find yourself answering honestly – no, to all of the questions, you’re not concerning yourself with the question of not having enough. But if you answered -yes, to at least one of the questions, feel free to ponder about it or even write down on piece paper – what stories you believe in that made you answer yes.

Do these stories hold any truth to them? How to know if something is true? The truth will feel good to you, while everything else will not.

Yours truly,

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