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Usually during our awakening process, during our return to ourselves, to who we really are. We find ourselves fighting for who we really are. Fighting for peace, fighting for happiness, for ease, calmness, for that relaxed state of mind. The fighting is a consequence of our current state that we don’t accept in ourselves. This is no different from fighting anything else that you dislike in your life. In both scenarios, you’re not accepting who you are.

In both scenarios, you are competing for future you to overtake the present you. There is no competition when it comes to being who you want to be because there is only one of you right now, and you can choose to feel how you want to feel, in each moment. You only deprive yourself of being who you want to be by fighting and arguing, that you’re not yet, who you want to be. By competing with a non-existent you, thinking that who you want to be is right over there while you are here, and you need to catch up to that you that you want to be.

Our happiness and the state of peace is already here in each moment, we’re just choosing to focus on other things, distracting ourselves from being happy right now. The mind is insisting that it is not the case, insisting that something must be done first, we need to do something before we can have what we want. This is the way our minds accustomed to think and comprehend things. In order to feel how we want to feel, we need to do something.

When it comes to relaxation, peace, ease, happiness, real happiness, without conditions –  those things are already available to us, but the situation is not that obvious to us, because we demand proof, we need to know somehow that it is true. And here is the paradox – How can you experience something that does not require doing, if you firmly believe that in order to get anywhere, you need to do something first?

It is one of those situations, if you don’t try it yourself, you may never find out what it is like. It’s like when you see a dish in front of you that you’ve never tasted, your mind tells you that it is not good, but you will never know if you don’t taste it.

Another thing we are accustomed to thinking is, that nothing comes easy or free. You have to do or pay or offer something in return for something. If you believe that you have to pay or work for your happiness, for feeling good, you will do just that. If you believe how long you need to do that, then that’s how long it is going to take.

You are going to struggle the amount of time that you believe is required to struggle to reach happiness, peace, awakening, enlightenment, wealth, to reach whatever. When I tell you that true happiness, peace, and ease of mind, body, and spirit does not require you to do anything. Would you believe me? of course, you wouldn’t, if you if believe that you do need to do something in order to get something? and no one will convince you otherwise against your belief.

But guess what you don’t have to change your beliefs in order to get a taste of what is possible. As I said before you don’t have to do anything. Everything that you want is right here. All you need to do is allow yourself to relax. Allow yourself to relax from doing.

Take 20 seconds during which you know that nothing is going to change, during which you know that you can’t do anything to change anything. During which you allow yourself to relax because you don’t see any point doing something during these 20 seconds. Whatever you do it wouldn’t be enough to change anything. Allow yourself to be a non-doer during these 20 seconds. Allow yourself to sink in the sand on the beach. Dip your body in clear, warm, shallow water in the sea, in your mind. Imagine an ocean in front of you and you are hovering over it safely, lightly, you can go anywhere you choose to go.

You can assist yourself by watching this video and tuning in to the energy that I project.


Now that you’re back, If you experienced relaxation, peace, ease, calmness, any variation of either one, any sort of relief. You know that you didn’t do anything, you just decided to let go. You decided to let go of what you consider to be important in your life. You decided to let go of your beliefs, for these 20 seconds.

For me, the only conclusion to this experience to be at relief at peace in happiness and even bliss is due to – choice. What will I choose right now? will I choose to worry, to engage in something stressful try to achieve something by being uncomfortable, in dis-ease or will I choose to be at peace and ease? And only then if I want something, truly want something, then I’ll act on it and do that something, and If I do that it won’t feel stressful, uncomfortable, it will feel natural and effortless, because I’m already effortless being at ease.

If you think that you need to change. If you think that you need to get from where you are to somewhere else in order to feel how you prefer to feel, in order to be happy. If you think that, then you’ll occupy yourself doing just that. Investing your time doing only that. Because you believe that this is what works.

Let me ask you something how much time has passed and you’re not where you want to be. How much effort did you invest in being where you want to be emotionally?

If you believe that something is preventing you from being where you want to be, what is preventing you is not that something, it is your conviction and belief that something exists in your way – and it really doesn’t matter what it is.

The existence of the condition that must be fulfilled, is what makes us focused on not being happy right now. We’re focused on our conditions and beliefs to get something, to achieve something, to be somewhere. We’re focused on the hardships of the path, the struggles, the obstacles we need to overcome. We’re supposed to enjoy the path and whatever is on the path. How can we enjoy the path if we set conditions, boundaries, and limitations, walking our own path in stress, carrying worries on our backs?

Goals and achievements are great. To set a goal and move towards that goal, towards something that inspires you, something that you desire is absolutely wonderful. But if you sacrifice yourself, your freedom, your health in the process, It just makes it so much less fun and enjoyable. When you achieve that goal, how long the celebration last, comparing it to the stressful path you’ve been through to achieve that goal.

You want to live life, each and every second of life, feeling good. You can only do that, by allowing yourself to be as you are in each and every second, by allowing everything else around you and inside of you to be while you’re present alongside the other things.

If you find yourself drifting in thoughts, thinking about something that doesn’t make you feel good. Don’t judge yourself. It is tempting to judge, and conclude that you are not were you want to be right now emotionally. Because you feel what you don’t want to feel.

If you’re judging, you’re just creating a present state of being where you judge yourself. When you judge you don’t allow yourself to be aware of what is happening right now. You don’t allow certain parts of yourself to take part in your experience and your awareness. When you find yourself feeling bad, and you analyze and find the roots, the triggers to your “bad” emotions, don’t judge yourself for not being able to “handle it” properly, or respond how you would’ve preferred to respond. Instead, allow yourself to be with that thought, allow for a possibility that, that thought has done nothing wrong to you. That thought exists like you exist. Allow it to be, allow yourself to be with it. Practice this, practice just allowing everything to be as it is by being aware and not shifting your awareness elsewhere.

Yours truly,

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