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You already know how to solve your problems

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What’s the problem? It’s not my problem. Where is the problem? There is no problem.

How often when things don’t work out, you categorize them as problems? Thinking in terms of problems and solving problems. How often do you find yourself restless just because there is this something that needs to be solved?

Don’t worry there is a solution to any problem, that’s what they say. But is there really a problem to begin with? What is a “problem”?

According to Google, a problem is – A matter or situation regarded as unwelcome or harmful and needing to be dealt with and overcome.

As soon as we find ourselves in a situation that is not to our satisfaction we have a problem, perceiving that situation as harmful.

Do our emotions and feelings are considered as a problem? Should we look into solving our feeling and emotions? if you’re used to looking at things in terms of problems and solutions you would want to solve everything that doesn’t feel good. After all, there is a solution to any problem, right?! – More then often when looking for a solution we miss the point of the presented emotion. Just because we don’t like how we feel, doesn’t mean we should categorizing certain emotions as problems.

There is a whole industry that is “trying” to help you with your emotional problems by giving you a prescripted medication, to suppress your problems. Do you really think that nature intended for you need to pop pills so you can feel good emotionally? Medication’s only purpose is to tune the chemicals in your body. There is nothing wrong with being medicated as there is nothing wrong with defining your emotions as problems.

It all comes down to what is accepted and what is not. Can you accept being sad or depressed right now? I’m not talking about living life in depression, I’m talking about right now. Can you accept being sad without thinking about what it means and what are the future consequences to your feelings right now? If you find yourself dreaming and imagining some frightening future scenario due to what you feel right now, then pinch yourself and wake up from that dream. I’m serious, pinch like you mean it and you will snap right back out of your dream into the now.

Hurting yourself is not the solution, although I get why people do that and get addicted to doing that. Anyway, I digress. The minute you leave your definitions of what is considered a problem, you won’t need to solve anything anymore. You can give yourself a chance to be as you are without the need to explain your own condition and what it means to yourself or others. If a group of people agrees that a particular subject is not approved by them and should be considered problematic, that doesn’t mean that you should agree with them or join them. I guess that’s how racism probably started.

Take a moment to reevaluate what you consider a problem in yourself that needs to be dealt with or overcome and realize that it is merely a definition in your mind that prevents you from being at peace as you are.

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