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5 most common questions about – Awakening

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1. What is awakening?

Spiritual or not, awakening is when you get to an emotional state where you’re tired of noticing your self-sabotaging behavior and look for a way to help yourself.

Some call it being sick of your sickness. You might not know what to do but when you decide not to tolerate your current state of being as it is, you have already awakened.

A new part of you already awakened to the “old” part you. The new you can see the old you and can make new choices about the old self-sabotaging behaviors.

2. Can you force awakening?

You can not force the awakening, but you can assist yourself in seeing you detrimental behavior by not looking away from what is bothering you, and while doing that, not judging yourself. However, this might be not as easy as it sounds.

Noticing yourself is not awakening, it is only a building up to awakening to that moment that you cannot take anymore whatever is bothering you.

3. What is a spiritual awakening?

A self-knowing via experience not experienced before or a remembrance of an experience (for ex. childhood feeling ). A realization via experience that you are consciousness, eternal being, etc. Each one and his and her own experiences.

4. How long does it last?

Once you start, you’ll never want to stop. The awakening of consciousness is infinite. Ask for more and you shall receive more. Like with everything in life I guess.

5. What will I gain from it?

A bigger picture.

Imagine that your vision consists of looking through a narrow lens or pipe your whole life. Now imagine you replace that lens with a wider lens, now you see more and understand more due to the simple fact that you have access to more information. And so on and so forth replacing to wider lens until there is no need for a lens. This process releases you from being a slave to your personality and the world. Expanding your ability to experience freedom, desire, bliss, and love.

6. Bonus – Can I do it on my own, where do I start?

  1. Following a mentor’s teaching is a common way to go, just be attentive to yourself and see that you resonate with the teachings.
  2. Consistent practice of meditation and self-observation is the second most common way.


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