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Enjoying yourself? 🤔 I think so…

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Sometimes we find ourselves where we think we want to be, doing what we think we want to do, around people that we think that we like, but something is off, we don’t really enjoy ourselves. If we choose to notice how we feel, the feeling is not that great. Somewhat heavy, tiring, somewhat sad or edgy. But we continue with our business being where we are and doing what we do. Meanwhile feeling not that great, but thinking that we are enjoying ourselves, and having a good time.

Our mind is telling us that we are having a good time. But, our body’s feelings and emotions tell us the opposite. However, we choose to ignore our feelings and focus our attention on our mind, instead. If our circumstances support our minds logic and beliefs, then we conclude by thinking that we are safe, loved, valued, appreciated. But thinking is not feeling. Emotions and feelings are the true indicators of our being state because they’re reflected in the body. All experiences are reflected in the body. If your body is feeling relaxed then you’re relaxed, simple but not quite.

If you’re doing something repeatedly due to some ideology or a belief or even a habit, notice how it feels.  If it feels off then perhaps you’re telling yourself a story that doesn’t really makes you feel good. A story that only satisfies your logic, or prevents you from looking at your fears. That’s story purpose is to create a walkaround, a diversion, from that unpleasant emotion or a feeling. It is a safety mechanism that you have defined in your behavior. When something scares us we come up with creative ways to tell ourselves that everything is okay, by ignoring what scares us, using logic and stories, that fit into our already defined belief system.

You can play tricks on your mind all day long, but tricking your feelings is not that easy. Your feelings are like your own polygraph system, signaling you when you are bullshitting yourself, thinking that you’re having a good time. Thinking that you need to do something because you believe that you should. Because it fits logically like that missing piece in a jigsaw puzzle. If it fits then it must be right. But how does it feel? Does it feel right? Does it feel easy or stressful? peaceful or worrisome? heavy or light? Does it feel like you’re enjoying yourself?

We find ourselves caught up in our minds logic, dictating to ourselves what fits and what doesn’t according to what we believe in, according to what we’ve heard, or were taught to believe is right. If something feels off, your body is telling you to stop, reassess the situation, your point’s of view your thoughts and beliefs. Your body is always there to give you that feedback emotionally reflecting what is real by making you feel. Without walkarounds or any kind of process, you get instant feedback. This system works 24/7, without your intervention, when you’re asleep or awake, you feel.

Keep asking yourself – How do I feel. Not how do I think I feel. But, how do I feel when I’m not thinking. Do this by giving attention to your body and not your mind.

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