black claw hammer on brown wooden plank

We find our imperfections and crucify ourselves for all our actions
There are two sides in every conversation
But when we judge ourselves
The listening side is not looking for protection

We stand there bare in silence
Convinced in every thought that’s coming our way

It’s time to know that when you speak about yourself, you listen
It’s time to notice what you say that hurts the most
It’s time to know the one that listens
The one that hurts in silence, just because he or she is told.

Protect the one that stands in silence, stop criticizing every step you take.
You won’t catch up to what you think is perfect
If all the time you’re looking for whats wrong

If you no longer see the light,
declare yourself defeated to the fight

If all you do is drown in stress and sadness
surrender to your sorrow, end your madness

If all you think about is, struggle and distress
allow yourself to stop and rest


Yours truly,

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