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Do you worry about money?
Do you want more money?
How much money is enough money?

If you had to name a figure that could satisfy you, what would that figure be?

Would you stop worrying if you had that figure?
Or would you worry running out of money?
Peace of mind won’t come from your bank account balance. Peace of mind is a mindset. It is not feedback you get from what is already there. It is something you choose to create in every moment.

What relationship you have with money? Does money scare you?
If you have money and you think that you need more because you think what you have is not enough, money makes you fear, or more precisely your beliefs about money make you fear.

You think you need more so you’ll have enough money, but enough for what? For peace of mind?

Let’s take a look at what money represents.

Money provides me with shelter, food, clothes, enjoyment, experiences.
I can express my care for others using the money.

I can confidently say that every time I bought something with money it has provided me with the things I wanted. Sometimes money provided me with things I thought I wanted but didn’t need.

When I look at money today I understand that most of what I have came with the help of money. I also have enough money to have everything I truly want right now.

Money always gave me something and didn’t take anything from me.

But more often then not, when we spend money, We’re focused on its departure, on the fact that we end up with less money.

Instead of focusing on what the money provides we’re focusing on how much will be left and what could be the consequences of that.

When we say that we don’t have enough money, we mean that we’re missing the things that money can buy. And more precisely, we’re missing feelings that we could have from the things that money can buy. Feelings like freedom, joy, love, happiness, excitement. What is missing is the feeling that I want and think that money can provide.

But how can money bring me good feelings? People say that money can’t buy happiness. Why? Because you can’t guarantee how you’ll feel regardless of how much money you have. Sometimes we feel bad and we don’t care about anything including money.

Happiness is not for sale, It is an individual feeling in each and every moment of our lives, and it is not dependant on anything but our self-love to ourselves. One minute it is here the other minute it’s gone, it is your job to sustain happiness.

If you have the means and you’re excited about having something or going somewhere, and what stops you is your fear of having less money, understand that you traded your excitement for fear. You can choose to be focused on what money can provide you and not take away from you.

Money can never take away something from you, it can only give something to you. You can’t have less money all of a sudden unless you trade it for something. Money is the expression of giving and receiving. Giving and receiving are the expression of love. Know what you want and give it to yourself or someone else, regardless if you have money, or not.

Find out how you want to feel, what feeling is behind that something that “money can or can’t buy”?

Choose to feel this way right now.

You don’t want to be depended on how much money you have, you don’t want to be depended on anything that can make you feel a certain way. You want to have the control over how you want to feel in each moment of your life, you don’t want to give up that control to money. Freedom is being free from dependence. Spending money in order to feel good is only one of many ways to make yourself feel good. Feeling good and good feelings come in many shapes and colors, such as – giving to self and others, attention to self, love to self, rest, freedom, peace.

Look around and see how you can create these experiences for yourself right now.

Yours truly,

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