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What Do I Eat

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First of all, I eat with awareness.

I choose to be aware of before I put something into my body.

How do I know what to eat?

Simple, I look at the food that I’m about to eat, and divide it into ingredients. If I see that I wouldn’t mind eating the ingredients of the food separately, then I wouldn’t mind eating the whole dish, mixed with the ingredients.

For example, hot cocoa consists of chocolate and milk. Can I eat that amount of chocolate that is in that glass of hot cocoa – sure. Can I dring a glass of milk? – hell no, my body repels milk, I cannot stand drinking milk. There you go hot cocoa is not my drink.

Disclaimer I don’t eat chocolate I prepare my own – dates + cacao powder + nuts.

However, I apply this principle to every food I eat.

Sometimes we eat food with ingredients we have no clue of what they are. Ingredients that conceal the food’s real taste in favor of sales and shelf age.

Know what food you can eat by being aware of all its ingredients and ask yourself, can I eat the ingredients separately, or is there something that I can’t stand eating.

What about spices?

I eat spices because most herbal spices are just dried grounded vegetables and leafy greens, which I can taste without a problem, unlike milk. However, I try the spice separately, I even smell it to see how my body reacts to the spice. I got to know my body’s preference for the spices. To much salt will dry me out. To much black paper will bloat my stomach. I can taste salt and black paper¬†separately without a problem in minuscule amounts. I won’t overload my salad with ingredients and amounts that I know will eventually get me?

Food is an individual thing, like emotions. You can ignore the consequences of the food you eat or you can choose to be in control by being aware.

I like to know what food I eat and how it was grown, where it came from, was it treated to increase sales or health. Looking at the food I’m about to eat, I ask myself if I was to prepare that food from start to finish, could I do it? Could I plant that seed to grow that lettuce and water it until its fully grown? – sure. Could I catch that animal kill it to death, clean it from its¬†intestines? – probably not, I would get sick first. But that’s me right now, who knows maybe that will change. Meanwhile, I’m trying to live my life in awareness of everything coming my way and the way it makes me feel.

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