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Start seeing all the way

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Many of us choose to see halfway.

If you have something that you don’t like about yourself or your life and want to change it but think that you can’t, that is because you see things that bother you halfway.

We are not interested in seeing all the truth, about what we’re unsatisfied with. When we want to change something about ourselves it is usually because we dislike how we feel about that something we want to change, and we can’t wait to replace it with something else so we can feel better.

We’re not interested in getting to know our feelings or what they represent, not interested in seeing the whole truth, we’re just looking for a quick way to dispose of what we don’t like.

What stops us to see things all the way through is our emotions. If you find yourself struggling to feel your emotions, you will struggle to see the beliefs those emotions represent. Making yourself stuck in this cycle of wanting to change but can’t because you are preventing yourself from seeing all the truth there is.

We want more of what feels good, we give our full attention to explore and expand on what feels good, investing time and money. We think that we know what we need to do to have joyful experiences and live happy lives. So we apply what we know about what is making us feel good in times when we feel bad. It is a very simple logic. However, one solution doesn’t solve all problems.

When we feel bad, we don’t need a solution because the bad feelings are not “problems”, they are a catalyst for bringing us everything that we want. It is step number one in getting what you want. Don’t be in a hurry to dismiss what is here to help you have what you want. So instead of letting ourselves be a natural part of the flow that its only interest is to assist us in getting what we want, we do the opposite. We misinterpret the bad feelings as something unwanted because we don’t know better because nobody taught us.

Feeling bad is the quickest and the most efficient way to get what you want.

But that is only step number one. If you already familiar with this, its time for step number two.

Honesty, transparency, being humble and modest with yourself about the reasons for your feelings, seeing those reasons all the way through, seeing the truth will make you wiser and the need to fix your bad feelings will dissolve, with the bad feelings. When you’ll see the irrelevancy of the reasons that keep you feeling bad, you will allow yourself off the hook, you’ll no longer be dependent on those reasons.

Let us take an addiction for example.

“My unwillingness to see all the truth about my addiction is what makes me feel bad about it. I choose to ignore it and focus on what is familiar because I’m scared to face the reasons that scare me about my addiction. I’m choosing to deny myself from seeing all the truth there is, about what is making me feel bad because I’m scared. I rather stay where I am. Comfortably ignoring and running away from what is here to give me what I want. Fear stops me from seeing all the way. But what is beyond fear? – There is no fear, beyond fear. There is freedom. I’m choosing to fear. I’m choosing fear every time I don’t allow myself to see the truth. Fear scares me. I’m afraid of fear. I’m afraid of fear and yet I choose fear every time. I’m stuck in this loop.”

Wake up and start seeing all the way through. Choose to free yourself from being afraid, by letting yourself be with whatever scares you. The more you become aware of the fact that your “bad” emotions are not against you, the sooner you’ll be on your way to living the life you want.

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