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Choosing what I want to see

The images that you see are your life
Images that you see when you wake up
Go outside
Go to work
Go to eat
Go to sleep
Go to your mind
Look in the mirror
Feel your emotions

The images are your thoughts, beliefs, wants, feelings, the world

They are all passing images.
Passing thoughts
Passing emotions.

You place your attention on all these images.
But when you’re not, the images are not there, you don’t see them.

You are managing all the images that are important to you.
You worry about the ones that are super important.
You fear some of them.
You run from some.
You think you depend on some of them.
Obligated to some.

You forget the all the images are just passing you by. The fact that some of the images repeat themselves, create the illusion of control. The repeated images are from choice. Like school, work, hobbies, relationships. Routine.

All these repeated images are from repeated choices.
Create the illusion of

The fact that you see the same images
Doesn’t mean that you’re safe
Doesn’t mean you’re free
Doesn’t mean that you’re happy

If you’re choosing the repeated image because you want stability and predictability.
You’re giving up freedom.

If you’re choosing the repeated image because you want a sense of control and safety. You’re living in fear.

If you’re choosing the repeated image because you want to please others. You sacrifice your freedom.

All you do is manage your collection of images, There are hundreds of them and they all require your attention. This becomes your life. You’re so busy with managing your images, you don’t stop to notice how you feel. You don’t stop to notice if you even like what you’re looking at.

If you don’t like something. Stop. You have that privilege to stop, you have that freedom of choice to stop. You can stop if you want. Choose to stop and stop, don’t just choose and continue with your business. Actually, stop. No one is forcing you to manage anything. You’re managing everything. You’re the one in control. Stop the things you don’t like seeing, doing, saying, eating. Don’t just say that you don’t have a choice. The one that has a choice decides to have it or not to have it. Choose the images you want to see.


Yours truly,

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