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Fragile life

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Imagine something small, fragile and alive
An animal or an insect
Some sort of living organism
That you find beautiful
something you admire
or think it’s cool.

It’s fragile but it can freely move
Unless it is injured

It’s small but it can take care of itself
No matter its size

It can rest
It can eat
It can breathe
It can be
Nature allows it to be
Its body allows it to experience life

It’s safe as long as it doesn’t sense danger
It survives as long as it has food

No matter its size, strength, shape or color it is a part of nature, nature takes care of it and provides the supporting environment for this living creature. Everything that is born has a chance of breathing and surviving, no matter how fragile it is.

If you think that your life is suffocating, take a breath of air. Free air.

If you think you’re stuck. Run. Feel your body’s muscle work as you run from one place to the next. Free body movement.

If you’re missing something beautiful in your life. Take a trip to nature, explore its infinite beauty. Free beauty.

If you think that no one is supporting you, find a piece of grass and lay down on it. Feel the Earth supporting your whole body whether you laying, sitting or standing. Free support, you’re not floating to space.

If you’re bored, listen to the waves, birds, trees, crickets, listen to the sounds of nature, surround yourself with nature that is grander than the life you know. Free entertainment.

No matter what you may think, you are supported by life.

Yours truly,

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