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You are consciousness within a body, but you’re not limited to this body. Half of the time when we’re walking around we’re not aware of our bodies. We get caught up in our minds thoughts and imagination, not even controlling our bodies movements consciously.

Use this meditation to realize on a deeper level that you are beyond your body.

Close your eyes and imagine that you can go anywhere within your body.
Your consciousness can sense any part of your body. You can focus your attention on any part of your body. Knowing and sensing if it hurts or if it feels uncomfortable. You can focus your conscious attention, and travel anywhere within your body. But your consciousness can also go anywhere outside of your body, see and sense everything that is around with your senses.

Imagine that your body is a breeze of wind extending itself over a vast field.
Since your consciousness is within the wind’s body, you can travel along that field in any direction you want. You can be over any part of that field focusing on any part as you wish as you did with your human body.

Now imagine that your body is the air that wraps the Earth you can travel to any point on Earth by directing your attention to a point on earth you can travel there with your consciousness.

And now imagine that your body is the space of the universe. A space that wraps around all the planets all the stars all the emptiness. You can be in any part of space simply by directing your attention to it. You can be anywhere, your consciousness is anywhere and everywhere.

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