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Stuck in the past

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Sometimes a moment overwhelms us.
So deeply that we’re getting stuck in it. Or so we think.

We replay a certain moment in time over and over again in our minds.
The images, the conversations.
Thinking about what was said.
Contemplating about how everything was.
Looking thru everything one more time, just in case we forgot to look somewhere.
Just in case we overlooked some detail. There is this need to go over everything, every little detail. Looping thru everything over and over.
Thus, not letting go of the moment that passed.

Why do we do that?

Perhaps that moment in time meant a lot to us.
So we loop thru everything to get validation from ourselves, an approval of ourselves at that moment. Approval that everything occurred as it was supposed to occur.
Was I okay in that moment?
Did I leave a good enough impression?

Scrubbing thru every little detail is tiring. Either way, it appears to us that we got stuck. Can’t really get out from our own minds. Noticing our thoughts, our minds looping. But the moment is over. We know that. We know it exists in our mind, refusing to fade. We refuse to let it fade. As if it would change anything. This changes nothing. You can’t find comfort by seeking assurance about what might have been right or wrong.

But you can find comfort in knowing that since the moment has passed it doesn’t need you anymore. Because it passed. And you’re not there anymore. It “released” you. You’re in the next moment. It passed gracefully releasing everything that was. You’re not stuck in time. You are always available to be now, with what is right now. You’re not a slave to time. You are only stuck if you choose to be stuck.


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