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We are used to seeing life through time, however, in our experience sometimes time goes slow and sometimes fast. How is that, that we can experience both? perhaps time doesn’t exist altogether. When we are impatient we sense that time doesn’t move. When we’re in a hurry time slips by us. Use this meditation to experience being out of time, and see that every belief that you have related to time is merely an illusion that you choose to believe in.

Imagine a clock on the wall with running seconds.
Imagine the time is 4:04:00 pm exactly.
Imagine the seconds running on that clock.
Imagine the seconds slowing down as they approach the 5-second mark.
On the 10 second mark slowing down even more
20 seconds even more
30 barely moving
It takes forever for the seconds to move
The seconds come to a complete halt at 4:04:33 pm.
You know that there is nothing wrong with the clock.
It is fully functional and has fully charged batteries.
Then you look at your phone clock and see the exact same time, imagine and feel this.
You realize time has stopped.
You are now in a moment in time.
Nothing froze accept the time.
There is no later.
Only now. Every belief you have related to time ceased to exist. Aging, time pressure, getting things done in time.

You are floating in timelessness. Experience this. Feel this. Time is nothing but an agreement. Free yourself from time.

Yours truly,

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