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The past ongoing period of a couple of weeks is particularly challenging, many emotions related to our beliefs come up even more frequently than ever. Overwhelming our experience and pulling us back. There is no better time to notice that whatever is pulling you back right now is very familiar, you’ve been here so many times that it is practically boring.

If you can’t see that is boring, ask yourself if you find yourself a victim of your emotions. If you do, remind yourself that emotions are just an experience passing you by. If you are bombarded emotionally with the old familiar stuff, that means that all which is old is coming to the surface so you can choose to move on by acknowledging the old as irrelevant.

You are transitioning on all levels of being. You may choose to stay with your emotions by giving them your attention and bringing them to light. But be careful not to fall a victim to what you are experiencing. Remind yourself that you are the experiencer. Whatever you’re feeling emotionally right now, is not who you are. This is not a result of what you did or didn’t do. This is not a burden. This is all by choice.

If you understand all this. Then understand that this is not the time to fall into victimhood of your emotions. It is time to empower yourself with confidence and vision about what you want. Vision builds confidence, confidence builds new beliefs and convictions. Beliefs create realities. Transition yourself into those realities that you envision for yourself. It is time.

You have desires. You have plans for your future. Dig them up to the surface. Bring them to the light, by giving them your attention and feeling them resonating in your body. Make a conscious choice to focus on the things you want, and not the things you don’t want. If you’re still not convinced, no worries you will be soon. The old is eventually depleted and replaced by the new anyway, like everything in the circle of life.

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