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Do you think that you’re beautiful? Perhaps you don’t think that you are. What is beauty anyway? People say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But why?

Society learns about beauty from fashion magazines, tv shows, movies, commercials. You can pretty much figure out what becomes a beauty standard for those people. We expect from ourselves and others to live up to standards. Standards are embedded into our minds by repetition of images and sounds. When something repeats long enough we begin to believe in its truthfulness.

We begin to follow what we believe is true like a herd, no questions asked. We want to fit into the brainwashed society, so why question what is already accepted? We don’t want to rebel, to be the outcasted, we want to fit in. We chose to believe everything that we see and hear because we don’t have a good enough reason not to.

Surprisingly pain is also a not good enough reason to stop and question things. Why? Because everyone has problems, everyone has some sort of pain. Pain is a long ago established standard in our society. Enduring, ignoring pain is normal, especially emotional pain.

Do you feel beautiful when you ignore your own pain? – probably not. Do you know why? I can take a guess. If you choose to ignore your pain, you choose to ignore yourself, if you choose to ignore yourself, you probably somewhere deep inside feel that you’re not good enough to give yourself the attention you need. Sometimes we might even think that we deserve this pain, that we’re not important enough or worthy enough to feel good. We’ve picked up beliefs about what is important and that which is important doesn’t include us.

So how can we feel beautiful when we’ve got so many things that we believe that tell us otherwise. We believe in standards to which we are no match. If only I could change one belief in all humanity it would be the belief – that people are convinced that they need to do everything possible in order to fit in. Follow your loving hearts and not your scared impulses to see that you are beautiful already as you are.

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