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Dream until your dreams come true

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Who is listening to my sad sad song?

Who is repeating that song?

Who is pushing me into sadness?

Who do I blame?

Who is believing in me?

Who is being compassionate to me?

Who is denying me from love and compassion?

Who is my suppressor?

Who is my mood killer?

Who is my dream crusher?

Who is guiding me to where I  want to go?

Who is standing in my way?

Who is making me give up on my dreams?

– It is me.


How can I receive anything if I keep my door locked?

How can I guide myself if I can’t stay focused on what is ahead?

How can I keep my dreams alive if I listen to doubt?

How can I expect to be loved if I’m constantly slaying myself on every chance I get?

How can I be happy if I choose to ignore all my sad parts?

How can I receive love when I’m busy blaming others for not giving me what I can’t give to myself from myself?


When you dream you are already giving everything you want to yourself. When you’re looking for proof for not having what you want, you fall victim into believing that your dreams won’t come true.

Dream until your dreams come true, my friend.

Yours truly,

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