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Give up on control. Give up on trying. Give up on trying to change the experience by controlling it. Because you can’t. You can only observe the happening of everything. Can you allow yourself to observe without interfering with whatever is happening right now? Can you allow your mind to rest now?

We are all helpless to the now. It is our natural state. Think about it, we can control our physical bodies movement, but we can’t turn on or off any of its functionality. We can make actions and say words but we can’t guarantee or predict their outcome, 100 percent.

Whatever is happening is here for us to be a part of as observers. Even when we are busy, working, exercising, a part of our being is in the background, observing the happening. Our observing of what is happening is effortless up to a point that we disapprove of it.

How can you disapprove of something that is already happening? You can, by┬áignoring and trying to fix it, right there as it is happening. But you’re too late to the party. Because you cannot change what is already now. You can only contract your body out of frustration, clench your teeth in anger,┬árun endless loops of thoughts in your mind stressing yourself, refusing the already, the now, the happening.

Recently I found myself stuck in an emotional state. I thought that I was ready to do something, when in fact I wasn’t. But since I wanted very passionately to be able to do that something I found myself wanting to skip my emotions by demanding control over them just so I can do what I set out to do. I was demanding control from myself when there wasn’t any.

I thought that I can be in control just by wanting to be in control. But every time I tried to be in control, I felt fear. Because I wasn’t ready. Because control is not something that we can create in the flick of a moment. There are no switches that we can turn on or off. There are no dashboards with knobs that we can push to change whatever is happening.

We can only be or struggle to be, with what is now, and we can only create an intention right now for the future now to come.

Yours truly,

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