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What is choice?


We make choices all the time. Sometimes we make good choices and sometimes not so good. Most of the choices that we make are automatic. We are following an already established pattern.

I’ll explain. Whenever we react to something no matter what it is, we are choosing. Most of us react automatically to life circumstance and don’t consider the reactions as consequences to actual choices. Those people see the reactions as a part of their personality of who they are. For example, they might feel something and react to what they feel by doing or saying something without thinking twice. That is because they have already prepared automatic responses to feelings and circumstances.

When our brain is already been through a particular scenario, it wants to take over, by saying relax dude I’ve got this covered, I already know what to do. We’ve wired this response to this scenario the¬†last time this happened, so there is no need for you to interfere. I’ll just run the old response to this circumstance.

There is a split second before the automatic response kicks in, in which we can interfere, but we choose not to. Out of comfort, out of convenience. If I already know that two times two is four, then I don’t need to prove this to myself over and over. I’ll just trust my brain that it is so.

Sure there are some things that we do and respond to automatically that make our life easier. But there are also things that make us feel bad when we’re on autopilot. Soon enough the autopilot becomes so automated that we can’t distinguish if we were the ones to program it or was it always like this.

The ones that go with whatever the autopilot does, have long forgotten about choice. They become slaves to their emotions and thoughts. Responding the same way each time to what feels bad, repeating the same patterns of thought and behavior.

What once was a choice becomes a deep-rooted wired response and it seems that the choice is no longer there.

We’re so convinced in making our life easier by memorizing things, creating rules and beliefs just so we won’t bother ourselves too much about the things that make us uncomfortable. We want comfort damn it! even if it means giving up on choice, giving up on freedom. We think if we put something on autopilot it will become predictable. Predictability makes us feel safe, so it must be good, right?!

Sure if you want to trade freedom for predictability, if that feels good to you then go for it. But I bet the reason you want to be able to predict things in the first place is – fear. Most fears evolve from the belief in lack of choice. If you’re stuck in fear most likely you believe that you don’t have any other choice but to fear, you find yourself a victim to your autopilot.

People convince themselves that they have no choice of living differently, saying things like – I’m too old to do this, I’m not too bright to do that. People are convinced of their belief in not having a choice. This is only because the power of choice is so strong that you can choose to believe that choice is non-existent.

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