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The quickest way to happiness


The quickest way to happiness is to let things be as they are.

If you don’t fight anything
Don’t object to anything
You won’t find yourself trying to fix anything

One of the main difficulties in letting things be as they are – is the illusion of control. We actually believe that we have control over things. We believe that we are responsible for the consequences of our actions and thus we are able to control those consequences.

If I could control the consequences of my actions I would have a long time ago won the lottery. Having a job is not about having control. It is about choosing a very specific way to make money. The only thing that you “think” that you have control over about your job is getting paid. But it is not a form of control, it is an expectation. It is not up to you whether you get paid or not. There are infinite ways for things to go wrong, that you have no control over. Bankruptcy, earthquake, budget cuts, etc. We live in a bubble of expectations and once we notice that our expectations begin to come true repeatedly, we call that control.

Since we are able to fool ourselves that we have control, we top it all off with responsibility. Since I have the control, It is up to me to decide how things shall turn out.

Ask yourself – “How do I feel when I think about responsibility ?”

Do I feel relief? or burden?

Do I feel fear or confidence?

Do I feel freedom or limitation?

There is no way I feel free, confident, or relieved when I think about responsibility. Mostly I worry. Because I find myself obligated for things that I have no control over. The only thing I want to be responsible for is me. That doesn’t mean that I’m egotistical. I’m still coming from a compassionate place with loving intention towards everything I do in my life, at least I’m trying to. But, instead of trying to control the consequences of my actions I chose to release myself from that burden.

That might sound egotistical. But if you think about what consequences you control in your life, you’ll find out that, you don’t have the ability to control any consequences, not even your attempts to make yourself feel better emotionally, mentally or physically. All we have is an intention and what comes after is an expectation to receive what we ask for.

When I feel bad I know that first of all, no one is responsible for what I’m feeling right now, not even me. If I want to feel better I’ll make it my intention to feel better, by focusing on what can I do right now in order to feel better in a moment. Whether I feel better or not it is not up to me to actually make myself feel better, perhaps it is up to the universe, perhaps it is up to my sense of freedom. Since I have that freedom to make any intention I want. The only responsibility that I have, is having the intention to make myself feel better.

Yours truly,

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