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Life is full of reminders to get you back on track


Pain and fear are merely reminders about your already made conclusions on subjects like – lack, freedom, love, health, wealth, worthiness. Look at your life and see what scares you and what makes you feel bad, what thoughts, what circumstances. The sadness you feel is also a reminder about your already made conclusions about life.

Pain, fear, and sadness – are here as reminders, not threats. What is threatening you? People?  Animals? Nature? We choose to believe by default in other people’s stories about what is dangerous and threatening in life. We have opinions about sharks and snakes even before we encounter them. We have opinions about people even before we get to know them. We live life believing that there are things out there that are coming to get us. Our colleagues at work, the guy in the dark alley, the taxes, the government.

Pain, fear, and sadness are also coming to get us.

We associate fear with danger, pain with disease and even death, sadness with victimhood. Fear, pain, and sadness are only a reminder about your already made conclusions about circumstance or thoughts that make you fear, hurt, or sad.

When you’re in pain or fear, notice what is the first thing that comes to mind.

Examples of thoughts that come to mind and their true meaning:

  • Pain – “I hate feeling pain” – I hate being reminded about unbeneficial conclusions and beliefs that I have.
  • Pain – “This pain is a part of getting old” – I’m not interested in what the pain is here to tell me.
  • Sadness – “I hate feeling sad, I have nobody” – I’d rather feel a victim to the lack of love in my life than understand my own beliefs about why I can’t feel loved on my own.
  • Fear – “I’m not a social person, I’m uncomfortable around other people” – I’m scared of getting to know my beliefs that cause me to be unsocial.
  • Fear – “I fear to live in lack” – I’m too scared facing my own beliefs about lack.
  • Fear – “I’m afraid I’d never get the chance to live the life I want” – I’m too scared understanding why I believe I can’t have the life I want.

If you feel fear and think that you’re weak or not worthy of love or not appreciated enough – treat this as a reminder for yourself to see your beliefs more clearly by asking yourself, what makes me think that?

There is no lack of love, wealth, health, freedom, worthiness – there is only a choice to focus on what is lacking. The repeated choice to get involved emotionally in what is lacking is keeping us from having what we want.

When we feel our body’s pain when we get a bruise we’re not too worried about this pain going away or the circumstance that caused this pain. However on the other hand when we feel emotional pain due to thoughts we might have, that usually leads to more thoughts and pain, we find ourselves not being able to control our thoughts, what leads to more bad feelings and suffering.

Many of us find themselves being a victim of the mind. Thoughts just popout out of nowhere, making us feel bad. The thoughts are not the enemy, the mind is not the enemy, the word enemy is not the enemy. What we don’t like is the feeling. What comes before the feeling or why it comes doesn’t really matter. But we make it matter by insisting on choosing to know the why and the how. Endless loops of thought must be arranged in a particular logical order that we believe is correct in order to quite the mind.

The mind is a beautiful thing because it is your creation, it is a result of the choices you’ve made. The thoughts, opinions, conclusions you chose to adapt and make them yours by believing in their truthfulness. We’re not victims of our minds, we are victims of the choices we make that shape our body’s, emotions, thoughts and our mind. But how can one think of oneself as a victim if in every moment there is an opportunity to make a new fresh choice?

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