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Are you goal driven? Are you mindset driven? Self-motivation is more often than not an emotional pitfall. Once you set your mind to achieve something please double check that you’re not trying to prove something to yourself or others. Please be aware of your true emotional desire alongside your mental goal. If you truly desire something you wouldn’t mind the time it would take to get there, you wouldn’t mind taking that long path. You won’t be impatient, you would be excited. You won’t be frustrated, you would be anticipating what’s coming next.

People often hype themselves up in order to get what they want. Although not obvious, it could turn into emotional torture. Say an inspiration hits you in a form of an idea that excites you. Are you excited about the execution of that idea or the benefits it brings? Because you see if you’re excited about the benefits, it might take a long time for them to come. So double check with yourself if you are willing to go that distance, doing something that you’re not really like doing, meanwhile trying to motivate yourself just so you can keep going to get those benefits eventually. Motivating yourself to stay afloat in hope of getting that reward someday, is an emotional torture.

There is nothing wrong in motivating yourself to work hard for a reward. Perhaps you find satisfaction in getting things done and seeing yourself progress towards your goal. But I don’t think people like to work hard. Not because they are lazy, but because they are not being honest with themselves about their true desires. If you’re doing what you love, you don’t need to work hard, you don’t need a checklist or motivation to keep you going. You’re not looking to be somewhere because you’re already there, doing what you love.

Hard work is an old-fashioned term that is no longer relevant in the age we live in. If you think that you’re doing what you love and notice that you need to motivate yourself to get things done by reminding yourself about the rewards, realize that you’re constantly in an awaiting state to get your rewards. Whether it is a vacation, money, a new car, some activity. You are not passion-driven, you’re reward driven.

It is natural to be reward driven. When we see someone that has what we want or like, the first thing that comes to mind is to copy that person’s success by following his path. Instead of following our own path, we look for the easiest way to get what we want and there is nothing easier than using someone else’s proven formula for success.

For example:

You might see your favorite singer on stage and get a sense of freedom from their performance. You would feel a huge relief from that sense of freedom that they convey which you’ve never felt before. Now, does that mean you need to become a singer in order to be free in your life?

You might meet a lawyer that conveys confidence and morality in his personality, something that you might desire. Does that mean that you need to become a lawyer to be confident and moral in your life?

You might believe that you need a big house a family a social status in order to be happy. You might spend your whole life trying to reach your goals to get your rewards.

You might believe that you need that job to fund your vocations, to escape to the life you desire, to the freedom, to the peace. You would work hard to motivate yourself doing something that you don’t really like doing to feel at peace and free.

But what about now? How would you feel now if you already knew that you have what you want? It is funny how imagination works. It brings you the sensations and the feelings of your desires without having them manifested into physical stuff, without having accomplished anything. Why do you think it works like that?

If you ask me, I think it is a simple reminder that tells us that we don’t need anything in order to feel good. We choose to believe that we do, in our minds, but when our mind is being tricked by its own imagination like that, it is content, there is nothing ungraspable to grasp anymore. A sense of relief, freedom, and even joy overflows our state of being. If you desire something from this state of being, it would be your true emotional desire and perhaps your life’s purpose.

Yours truly,

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