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What you have is, Now.


Many times when we feel bad as a result of something happening, we feel bad not because of the circumstance that happened, but as a result of the comparison made in our minds to our previous state. How many times you’ve noticed yourself going from feeling good to feeling bad. It only takes a split second not even that to go from one state to another. Isn’t that remarkable that we have that ability to change our experience in a split of a second?

Imagine you have the ability to chose whether you remember or not your previous emotional state and what caused it. Say right now you’re in one emotional state and the next minute you’re in another state, but you can forget your previous state if you choose to. Causing you to be focused on your current emotional state without knowing how you were previously. Much like in that movie “Memento” where the main characters short-term memory is being reset every 15 minutes, only in this example, we can only remember our current emotional state, and every time it changes we can choose not to have a recollection of our previous state.

It would be impossible for us to suffer emotionally if there is nothing to compare our current emotional state too. It is possible to develop this ability, this skill, to be only in the now, with what is being experienced right now. This can set you free from all your suffering. This is not ignoring this is sincerely choosing to be right now. Truly understanding that every time something happened it happened in our now moment, and was always replaced by the next now moment. Our persistence to compare between what was, how it was, what we felt, is what makes us suffer. Focusing on what was or on what is missing now or believing that we can never have something by comparing it to what we have.

We have an automated pattern of thought that is running repeatedly comparing everything to everything, sometimes we’re not even aware of it. Comparing products, emotions, experiences, only because we cling to remember what was the last best thing that we’ve experienced, and we need to top it, by experiencing the next best thing. Wanting to have better experiences is great, however, constantly comparing what we have right now, to what was or can’t be, is making us focus on lack, making us compare our circumstance yet again.

If you find yourself feeling bad, chances are you’re focusing on something that is missing from your experience right now, there is no better time to bring yourself back into the now by noticing what you do have. Gratitude is one of the strongest ways to focus on the now. If you have trouble being grateful just imagine how it would feel like not having something or someone important to you.

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