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What stops me, is here to set me free.

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What stops you? What thought? What fear? What person? What emotion? As we go with our daily lives, we encounter emotional abruptions that stop our flow. Suddenly we feel off, what most of us do when that happens is usually get absorbed in whatever is making us feel bad or wait it out until it goes away.

I personally seize¬†this opportunity to be in a state of awareness to the cause of the feelings and the feelings that I have. I recognize my patterns and beliefs in whatever is making me feel this way whether it is –¬† cry for attention, neediness, victimhood, helplessness, abandonment, lack, etc’. I use this opportunity to, first of all, thank myself for being able to be aware of the feelings and their cause. Secondly, the recognition itself allows me not to become absorbed in my feelings, since my focus now is on understanding my feelings. This doesn’t mean that whatever I feel goes away, all it means that I’m allowing myself to feel and not drown in my feelings which in turn allows me to make a new intention about my feelings that goes something like this.

What I feel right now is here to free me

Current patterns, feelings, thoughts, and circumstance are a direct result of past beliefs, decisions, assumptions, actions that are embedded into the emotional and the physical body creating an automatic emotional and physical response when triggers arise. Being aware of that response allows me to create a new intention about how I want to be, feel, and experience life in general. “What I feel right now is here to help me. How I responded is here to set me free“. These are not excuses, but clear and aware intentions to what is happening. I am not going to be absorbed and disturbed by emotions that are defined by my past. I am going to allow those emotions to flow within me, knowing exactly what they represent, meanwhile creating a new intention for the future me to come.

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