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Thank you

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I’m grateful to see the scorching red lava sun in the morning turning to white and then to yellow.
I’m grateful for my body that carries me from place to place.
I’m grateful for being able to recover from any physical activity without actually doing anything.
I’m grateful to be able to take the deepest breath, I possibly can.
I’m grateful to see the nature around me.
I’m grateful for my family taking care of me since the day I was born without me even asking.
I’m grateful for my mind protecting me from danger even when it’s not real.
I’m grateful for the love I can feel when no one is expressing their love for me.
I’m grateful for being able to help myself just by asking.
I’m grateful that I can be inspired and inspire others in return.
I’m grateful for the silence.
I’m grateful for the earth supporting my feet.
I’m grateful for the memories that melt my heart.
I’m grateful to be around the people I love.
I’m grateful for the opportunities I have to grow.

I don’t know who or what gave me the opportunity to be grateful for all these things and what I did to deserve them. What power created all of this? What put me here where I am? My best guess is – I probably wanted this so much that it just happened.

Yours truly,

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