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5 steps to the Fearless Heart

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The sense of playfulness – The one that wants to play not in their mind but in their heart.

The sense of innocence – The one that wants to explore, just because.

The sense of fun –  The one that wants to have fun from desire and not from addiction.

In every moment of experience whatever it may be, whatever emotion you may feel, you can experience that you are free from it. You can experience that you are not bound by your emotions or feelings to your experience. You can feel relief in your heart while feeling whatever you’re feeling in your body.

Try these 5 steps to experience the Fearless Heart.

  1. The realization comes from the mind. We need to free the mind first.
    If you let yourself be with everything you become an observer of everything.
    You can let everything be because you know that you won’t die right now – and that is the worst that can happen right now. You can think about the end of everything for everything in existence, that includes the end of what is real and not, try to compare the feeling you get when thinking about the end to whatever is bothering you right now. If you feel relief when you think about the end of everything that is great. You are waking up to a realization that your grip and focus on whatever feels bad comes from the thinking mind.
  2. Wake up the heart that knows no limits. You have no limits. You are just an infinite layer that experiencing experiences, including emotional ones, up to the point that you decide that you don’t want to experience. All experiences are passing through the layer that is you into the next layer unknown to you.
    How do I know that? Because every experience is a passing one, the law of preservation of energy states exactly that – energy can neither be created nor destroyed. Everything is energy, once you have an emotional (energetic) experience and it passed you by it didn’t just vaporize out of existence, it went somewhere.
  3. Everything you are presented with is smaller than you because you have the ability to experience everything that is presented to you. If you insist that you are less then your experience if you insist on being a victim of your experience – you will feel bad.
  4. Get to know your fearless heart, and not the fearless though that thinks about the fearless or the fearful heart. The thought is tricky, it might change any second if you are convinced of many different things. Your heart, on the other hand, is undisputably unlimited energy, it is the freedom that you can experience for yourself. Experience your heart so your mind can see for itself and make new conclusions about who you really are. You do this by taking a leap of faith.
  5. Practice – Take a breath. Breath is a leap of faith, you don’t know if you’ll have the next one the moment you took one. You just trust that you will. Spend one-minute breathing not taking for granted that you’ll have the next breath. You quickly realize that it won’t help to stress out and taking deep breaths because you fear that you might not have the next breath of air. Spend a minute in the unknown and discover what it is like to be with every breath you have, to be now, to discover gratitude. If you get stressed out, don’t worry, soon this experience will also pass.

Practice focusing on the breath every time you have a minute or two until you experience your loving heart. Until your mind is convinced that it is a part of your heart and not the other way around.

What limits us in life is our inability to be with whatever is right now, because we think too little of ourselves. Because we fear. Because our mind is convinced that we should fear. Because we are living our lives from the mind and not from the heart. If you want to discover freedom just be with what is right now, and if you get consumed by your mind thoughts about your experience – breathe. Remind yourself that it is all just passing you by, that the thought you’re focused on, is making you feel bad because it’s coming from fear, you fear for yourself.

Ask yourself how would you react if you saw your child fear. If you saw pure innocence in fear. That child and innocence are you. The cause of fear may be hidden from your conscious mind or it might be clear to you, that doesn’t matter. What matters is the intention that you have while you feel bad or fear. Let that intention be a warm loving compassionate hug that you give to yourself. If you see that you cannot give that hug to yourself, then give it to the one that can’t give that hug.

Yours truly,

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