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Being scared is paralyzing our ability to see the truth. To see ourselves and to see others with an open heart, preventing us from understanding the situation we’re in. What is making us scared is the lack of trust in ourselves and others, judgment of ourselves and others.

Many of us don’t even recognize the fact that we are scared most of the time because we are so used to being scared. The cringing of our bodies, the uncertainty in our hearts, the struggle to carry responsibilities on our shoulders, being afraid of failure, afraid of being evaluated by society, constantly under pressure to prove something to the world so the world will accept us.

We play it cool like we are untouched from the inside by wearing masks on the outside. Those masks are eventually masking our own emotions from ourselves, hiding us from ourselves. This creates a personality that is always ready to react, to counterattack everything that is coming its way, that it interprets as “threatening” to our status, intellect, image, and worth.

Why do you think the ones that are called courageous are the ones that also fear? How come this mighty word “courage” has fear attached to its meaning?

The courageous don’t get scared of being afraid, they embrace the fear as a part of life. They don’t let fear paralyze their ability to chose. They chose with the presence of fear. They stay present to everything that is happening including fear. Don’t you think firemen, policemen, surgeons are afraid? of course, they are, but they are also, chose to be present to everything including, fear. They don’t allow fear to take their freedom of choice of being present.

You can easily be swallowed by fear into being scared with no way out unless you insist on your choice. Unless you see that you have a choice no matter the circumstance. You have the choice to be present in any circumstance no matter how unpleasant it may feel.

Fear comes as a warning to your next state of being, which isĀ  – being scared. If you stay present to whatever makes you fear you’ll never be scared of anything, you’ll never have to prove anything to anyone. Understand that fear comes to bring you back to your effortless and loving state of being. It comes to tell you that you can be present at this moment, no matter the circumstance, the thoughts, the worries. If you realize this you will become present with your thoughts and worries, you will be able to understand them better, their meaning and origin with more clarity. You will be able to understand yourself and others more clearly even when your sense of worthiness is threatened.

Let fear be, let yourself be with fear, and see that you have no burdens, nothing to prove, nothing to defend, nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Try this.

Yours truly,

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