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How big is your heart?

How big is your heart? and I don’t mean it in a romantic or a metaphoric way. I don’t mean the physical heart either. I’m talking about the innocent, all loving, allowing, childhood-like-heart which is the base of every human being. Can you allow for the possibility that you can contain yourself inside that heart? That heart is big enough to accept your existence and all of existance.

You know it is.

If you feel victimized, by the world, the circumstance that you’re in, the people you meet and you’re looking for answers, for logic, out there. Understand that nothing can bring you as much peace, nothing can put you at ease as much as you can.

There are infinite logical explanations for things, some of them you might find just and some unjust. None of them will bring you peace. Opinions and thoughts draw more opinions and thoughts about the opinions and thoughts. The peace is found not in stopping any thought or conclusion or opinion that you might seek. The peace is where all is left to its own devices. The peace is the discovery of self that doesn’t rely on explanations, it relies only on its own being. Its own capacity to contain itself alone. The heart that contains the self. The heart is the self.

It is not something you can achieve. It is not something you can develop because it is already in place. Your ability to contain yourself is already here. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to experience anything. We experience because we have the capacity to do so. The experience itself is a floating bubble in our state of being. We are focused on the bubbles, thinking that we depend on them. We are not dependent on the occurrence of any experience as much as we’d like to believe. The thought or belief about dependence is just another bubble floating in our state of being.

You don’t need to pop the bubble to see that it is a bubble. If you become obsessed popping every bubble you see that is all you’ll do. There is plenty of room for all kinds of bubbles. If you make priorities about which you hate the most and which you like the most you’ll find yourself restlessly chasing bubbles without end.

Instead, try to observe your own reflection in each bubble that you see, in each experience that is coming your way. How it makes you feel, react, think. Observe your abrupt, restless state. This restless state reflects your dependency on one of the floating bubbles. Let this observation turn your attention to a place that contains everything that is presented to you. Turn your attention to the container of everything, to the self. The state of being that has the capacity to contain everything and focus on anything. That state that is aware of its own existence. That state is generous to its own existence. That state is the heart that contains you.

Yours truly,

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